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Psyber X gaming prospers thanks to the team at @PsyberX and the players that continue to support its development.

The Serfdom & Sorcery text-based game continues drawing members as you read this article. @psyberx developers work diligently to adapt the game to the growing fanbase.

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The Psyber X Multiverse continues to grow.

Now, partnered with Zealy, we can take the PsyberX world to greater heights.

Are you ready?


What is Zealy?

Screenshot 2023-05-21 005152.png
Psyber X - Zealy Questboard

Zealy is a platform that drives engagement. Community members, through Zealy, become contributors to the forum in a way not available in Hive.

Regarding Psyber X on Hive, for example, the community encourages you to write articles on your experiences with the game. The @PsyberX team, understandably, has the hope your review is positive and drives engagement with the team, its games, or the community. Your reward would be your writings' earnings and the community's thanks.

On Zealy, the expectations are similar, but unlike Hive, quest-driven in a manner that allows you to contribute to the Psyber X family's development.

According to @dynamicrypto in a recent Discord message:

If we get more engagement in our Zealy, they will feature us in their blog & in discord to their 92k members, plus you earn airdrops helping

The Psyber X community would do well to participate in Zealy activities.

Don't fall behind!
Join Zealy and help Psyber X expand!


How do we participate?

Screenshot 2023-05-21 102128.png
Image by andreas N from Pixabay

Click the following link:

You'll arrive at the Royal Reptile - Psyber X landing page, where several categories of quests present themselves. Some categories are immediately available, while others are only accessible after you reach a certain level.



Image by Chil Vera from Pixabay

Here's a preview of quest categories that Zealy-PsyberX drives members towards:


Screenshot 2023-05-21 124411.png
Psyber X - Zealy Interface

Content Creation

Psyber X - Zealy Interface


Psyber X - Zealy Interface


Psyber X - Zealy Interface


Psyber X - Zealy Interface

Earn Rewards

Psyber X - Zealy Interface


The Psyber X Multiverse

Image by Luaks Johnns from Pixabay

Join the @psyberx community today! Invest in their development or hop on to their discord to learn more about the initiative today!

Psyber X White Paper
Psyber X - Discord
All Psyber X Posts!


Brought to you by Hive


Being a part of Hive has been therapeutic. I get to write about whatever is on my mind. It has helped me deal with problems and explore concepts I can discuss with like-minded individuals. However, Hive is so much more than a blogging platform.

The platform and low-cost capabilities of Hive even drew in the team at Royal Reptile Studios, who have since created and are currently developing:

  • Psyber X
  • Serfdom and Sorcery
  • Psyber Decks

Along with the Psyber X community, I've had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people in other communities too:

  • Proof of Brain
  • Vybrainium
  • Hive Downvote Rewards
  • StemGeeks

I'm better for having joined Hive. Without the platform, it's doubtful these communities would exist in their current form.


In Closing

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey. If you like this article, please consider reblogging, upvoting, and following @scholaris!

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excellent article sir! Zealy is a big help in rewarding the community and tracking who is helping the most!

Thank you very much. I agree about Zealy. Interaction with the platform helped me think of new ways to not only promote a platform like Psyberx X but also to expand on my own skill set.

This is really great....
Wishing every member of the PsyberX Success ahead of this great task

It’s pretty exciting to see this group grow. I also wish you great success in the time ahead.

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You are very welcome!

I'm glad things are coming along so well :) ... I'm also thankful that we both joined Hive!!!

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