I'm not sure about the new player protection as I was robbed several times.

New players also can not withdraw in the first ten days if signing up.

I'll edit the part about withdrawing for new players immediately. Thank you for the correction.

Also, the protections definitely should be there. You have protections available through purchasing a hovel, but that's after you've saved about 10K to purchase one. On the other hand, I understood that the game prevented pillaging for those players with a total coin count below a certain amount (4K was my last recollection of it). I'll bring it up in Discord and tag you on it.

JBoss now has the game running through a new program that keeps the gameplay running continuously. If a crash occurs, the bot is coded to auto-start again. We'll see how that goes this evening. The current goal is the stability of gameplay. However, the devs are pretty responsive to protections that were there but aren't.

I have no admin or dev role here, but I apologize for the trouble. Pillaging is part of the game, but new players need some protection.

Are the devs updating game updates/upgrades in a news/anouncements channel? If not they should be.

Thanks for the help. 😉😁💋

You’re very welcome for the help. I apologize for the embarrassing errors.

Updates are normally announced in the “updates” channel on discord. Insofar are article announcements are concerned, devs like bobthebuilder and dynamicrypto would take that lead.

The update is complete on the withdrawals for new players.

EDIT: I am incorrect regarding the protections for new players. Currently, there are none. The only protections available from pillaging are:

  • Purchase a hovel at the earliest opportunity (10K DBLN)
  • Purchase a castle

On another note, I think protections for new players are important. Above a certain level, and everything should be fair game. However, that's just my opinion.


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