during a player's digital inebriation within a fantasy world.

What could they possibly do when their controller is asleep 🤣?

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Haha. If you consume digital alcohol you may find that:

  • the text you type become slurred
  • your text may become overly aggressive and lead to a brawl
  • who else knows what could happen?

But how can we do that when we're offline 😂


There’s probably magic involved

Definitely! But can that magic let me be in two places at once???

Only your magic is strong enough for that feat

Unfortunately I've never figured out the spell for that!


Can't wait to join you in playing this game honestly 😂
You make it look so so enticing.

Great pictures too

Ah I’m glad you like it! The game is definitely exciting, but I have to write that the players also add to the charm.


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