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Imagine the word hatred did not exist
We would have been living in peace and harmony,
We would have been our brother's keeper
There would not be Jealousy

Imagine the word laziness did not exist
We all would have been working hard
Fraudster and thief would not be heard
We would have changed the world

Imagine the word anger did not exist
Many should still be alive
The prison yard will have reduced inmate
Tears would not have flowed in the eyes of many.

Imagine the word insincerity has not exist
Trust would have been a normal things
We would be able to do things together without a second thought
We would have given others access to life.

Imagine the word tribalism has not exist
We would have been living in peace and harmony
We would have been united
We would have been speaking In one voice

Imagine the word SIN did not exist
We would have been living in heaven on earth
We would have been walking like or with God
We would have been in a pure and clean world.

Imagine the word Slavery did not exist
We would have been boss on our own
We would have living like we are
There would have not been human trafficking.

Imagine the word corruption did not exist
There would have have not been tussle of power
There would have not be oppression
There would have not be molestation.

I just thought if many things had not happen, a big wish which would never happen.

You are free to add yours in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

Imagina que la palabra odio no existiera
Habríamos estado viviendo en paz y armonía,
Hubiéramos sido los guardianes de nuestro hermano
No habría celos

Imagina que la palabra pereza no existiera
Todos hubiéramos estado trabajando duro
Fraude y ladrón no serían escuchados
Hubiéramos cambiado el mundo

Imagina que la palabra ira no existiera
Muchos aún deberían estar vivos
El patio de la prisión tendrá preso reducido
Las lágrimas no habrían fluido en los ojos de muchos.

Imagina que la palabra falta de sinceridad no existe
La confianza hubiera sido algo normal
Podríamos hacer cosas juntos sin pensarlo dos veces
Le habríamos dado a otros acceso a la vida.

Imagina que la palabra tribalismo no existe
Hubiéramos estado viviendo en paz y armonía
Hubiéramos estado unidos
Hubiéramos estado hablando con una sola voz

Imagina que la palabra PECADO no existiera
Habríamos estado viviendo en el cielo en la tierra
Hubiéramos estado caminando como o con Dios
Habríamos estado en un mundo puro y limpio.

Imagina que la palabra esclavitud no existiera
Habríamos sido jefes solos
Habríamos vivido como somos
No habría habido trata de personas.

Imagina que la palabra corrupción no existiera
No habría habido pelea de poder
No habría opresión
No habría habido abuso sexual.

Solo pensé que si muchas cosas no hubieran sucedido, un gran deseo que nunca sucedería.

Puedes agregar el tuyo en la sección de comentarios.

Gracias por leer.


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