Historical Data on Hive Punks Trading Activity | Number of Punks Traded, Volume and Top Accounts | Sep 2023

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Punks On Hive has been one of the cool projects on. The project was launched during HiveFest in 2021 and sold super-fast. A 10k Hive Punks collection that brings the iconic Crypto Punks NFTs on Hive with a twist.

How are Punks on Hive doing these days? Let’s take a look at some data.
We will be looking at the trading activity after the Hive Punks sold out, and the trading between players.


Hive Punks were launched on November 12th, 2021 during the first day of HiveFest 2021, almost two years ago now. The collection was sold in 36 hours. Since then, the project web page was improved a bit, a data on market history was added, filtering etc.

Just a reminder of how the main sale went.


You can see the date, and the hour on the X axis. The collection was sold in two day, or 36 hours, 10k Hive Punks, at a price of 20 HIVE each.

Now we will be looking at:

  • Hive Punks sold per day
  • Hive Punks sold per month
  • Trading volume in HIVE
  • Top buyers in 2023
  • Top sellers in 2023

The period that we will be looking at is from December 2021 until August 2023. The first month for the project, November 2021 is left out, because this is the month when the minting was happening and it is not comparable with the trading afterwards.

Number of Hive Punks Traded Per Day

Here is the chart for Hive Punks traded per day.


We can see that the overall trading activity has dropped after the first months. In the first six months there was Punks trading daily, but starting from August last year, the activity has slowed down. It interesting to see that there was a big spike in the number of Punks sold in June 2023, but that was mostly because of one account literally dumping a lot of Punks at super low price for 2 HIVE.

The monthly chart for Punks bought looks like this:


A bit clearer representation here. We can see that December 2021 is leading with more than 300 punks traded in that month. In the following months in 2022 the number of punks sold per month was around 130, then it dropped under 100 and has been there up until June 2023, when there were 180 Punks sold in the month, but as already mentioned it was from a big holder selling at low prices.

Trading Volume

How is the trading volume doing in terms of HIVE?
Here is the chart for the monthly trading volume.


This chart follows the chart for the number of Punks sold as well. A higher volume in the beginning and a slow a drop after that.

In 2023 the monthly trading volume is in the range of 500 to 1000 HIVE.

Top Hive Punks Buyers in 2023

Here are the accounts that are buying Hive Punks in 2023.


@gogreenbuddy is on the top with more than 70 Punks bought in 2023, followed by @opidia and @gkelf. A total of 35 accounts bought a Punk in 2023. A reminder that back in the presale, there were around 500 accounts that bought a Punk.

Top Hive Punks Buyers in 2023

Here are the accounts that are selling Hive Punks in 2023.


The @bleepcoin account is on the top here with more than 160 Punks sold in 2023. This account caused the spike in the amount of Punks sold in June, because it was selling them at very low prices as per 2 HIVE. The next accounts are in the range of 20 Punks sold.

The average trading price for Hive Punks in 2023 is 15 HIVE, while the lowest has been 2 HIVE. The highest is at 150 HIVE. In most of the time the floor price has been in the range of 15 to 20 HIVE, with the exception of the time when a large holder made a big liquidation in a short period of time.

As we have seen the trading volume for these NFTs is small, and the market can go in both directions easily. NFTs can be speculative as the value is totally subjective and it all depends on will there be some popularity around them.

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The statistics were very interesting.❤️ It cannot be said, but whales are always looking for opportunities.👍

Things have slowed down a lot, but there are still trades here and there. We are a very small user base compared to other platforms with their own Punk projects.

The highest is at 150 HIVE

The larger trades have been off chain, I know of two that were north of $24,000. The largest trade on the market was 5,555 Hive. There have been quite a few north of 1,000 Hive.

Yea I know about the 5k trade, the 150 is just for 2023

coz it was a copy-paste scam like you do all time?

20 Hive per punk is a very low price compared to other nft listed on Eth/open sea. Hopefully coming bull run will take the prices high. nice analytics mate.

When I asked around before launch, most people were suggesting around 100 Hive mint prices. I wanted to keep them not only affordable for most, I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to have a collection.

That's so nice of you.

I wanted to make it inclusive.

you wanted to feed yourself with a copy of real project, as usual :D

And we're grateful for that as minting them was a lot of fun. I still have my punk collection I bought at market price and love them.

It is good that their prices are low and people will easily buy them and wait for some time because the market is going to bring the bill. Earlier we did not know anything about it. Very knowledgeable.

Nice post! Some info i didn't know

I think, I own quite a few, don't even remember how many. The project is useless may be, that is why no one is interested to trade.

Then start building!

I would love to had I have the skill :)

I promote not skills needed for that

Seems like the sale has been dropping lately

Ooh I am actually missing something right now
I have not bought any punk yet
I should do so. Thank you!

Such a clear article

Excellent data, it gives us a good reference