Poff! Taras and Oleksi are now 1 week old!

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Poff Poff!

I'll make this one short... it's so late my parents are already asleep.

Here are my two cute puppies as 1 week old. Oleksi has grown a lot compared to Taras. They are both over double their birth weight now.



Taras has white marks on his chest and paws, and one of his back toes is pink.

Poff! 🐾


Lovely tiny puppies! Amazing how they look so small like dolls at this stage. Soon they’ll be running around the house! 🙀😂

May have missed this earlier, but what breed are the pups?
Or are they typical purebred dogs, mom is a dog and dad is a dog?


We are all of the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka breed. "Tsvetnaya Bolonka" is Russian for "coloured lapdog". Our breed is not yet Internationally recognized, since it is so very new (only about 70 or so years old), but there are some European organizations (e.g. Nordic Kennel Union) that have recognized us.

So basically we are purebred. However... world events can change things.

Hopefully the ongoing war doesn't cause a backlash to getting recognized Internationally.

My heart just melted. Thank you for taking the time to explain this to me! Good luck with becoming an official "fancy" breed. Until then I will consider your pups to be pure bred dogs of the highest standard!

Nice names! Both of them are so adorable and look healthy. 🤩

Che spettacolo sono meravigliosi.... io avevo un cavallo che si chiamava Taras, era il mio amore... ora sta in paradiso....
Complimenti ancora sono così meravigliosi e dolci!

Oww! Such a lovely puppies, i like the way to expose at the lens, hope soon it will be grow up strong enough and sticky behind after you as walking or running into the entire home.

😍😍😍😍 They are so cute!!!!

That's awesome!!! Love more dogs on the blockchain!

I bet they're not going to stay so small forever!

And @woodathegsd has his own dog blog! Hopefully your dogs might end up having their own blog as well! Amazing job thank you very much and have an amazing day.


But you know this is my dog blog, Daddy @gamer00 has a blog of his own! It for sure would be nice if my puppies got their own blogs too!

Say "woof" to @woodatthegsd for me, I think he'll understand!

See you later! Poff, poff!