Puppy Blog (PLOG) #3: Bella and the world is a chew toy

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Here is the 3rd entry of my fast growing puppy named Bella and her entering her (roughly) 3rd month of life.
If you want to know more about how she came into my life; here is her story


 Plog #3: Last week i took her into the vet for a general check up and for her booster shots. Let me say; it was truly heart warming watching bella interact and play with other animals. 


 Everyone at the vet, knows about her past and they know how much of a sweetie she is, so they recognize her instantly and don't mind her running around.

 The doctor took a look at her mouth and overall health; and was stunned how much of a turn around she has made. Bella went from definitely needing teeth removed and possible surgery for her jaw, to full clean bill of health (no teeth removal, no jaw surgery, no other health ailments of any kind!). She is now 100% a happy healthy puppy :D.


 Of course, being my happy-healthy little pop-tart; she, like all puppies, is teething and loves chewing on everything. And by everything, i mean everything BUT the toys i buy her :/


If she could talk; im sure our conversations would be like this:


Me: hey bella, i got you a brand new toy! It's vet recommended! It is supposed to taste like bacon and feels good for your teeth when you bite it.
Bella: meh.... this paper towel is way cooler!

 Whats her #1 fav thing to chew on you ask...

 Great question! Her favorite thing is of course..... my hair :/ 
 (a close second would be toes haha)


 Since she doesn't really yank on it when she chews it, I'm not going to lie... it feels kind of good, so i tend to let her from time to time¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Such a cutie, glad she is ok

This is a beautiful puppy 😊

by the way i exactly know how dogs like paper towels, my pug does too 😂

Djangos story @juicypop