Find the catchphrase and win a small prize!

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Find the phrase represented by the whole image below. It can be a word, a saying and everything in the middle.

I will add a clue in the comments as usual.


There is a small prize of 0.05 STEEM for the winner and 0.001 SBD runner up prizes for everyone who asks to be put on the notification list.

The winner is the first correct answer. After 7 or 8 days I post the answer and pay out the prize. I will then send memo transfers with the answer to everyone on the notification list.

You can also visit and check out the latest puzzle on the homepage to get a sneak peak of the answer before I post the answer on Steemit.

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A watched pot
Takes forever to boil

A watched pot never boils

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A watch pot never boils

Clue: The heat is on full but the water isn't boiling

A watched pot never boils

a watched kettle never boils

Naked stickmen wash their clothes on the oven
(not as common a saying but still true)

Lol I feel it would be wrong for a stick man to wear clothes

Haha. Good answer.

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A watched pot never boils

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a watched pot never boils

A watched pot never boils.


A watched pot never boils​​


Time passes very slowly when one is waiting for something to happen if that is the only thing one is thinking about