Find the catchphrase!

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Find the phrase represented by the whole image below. It can be a word, a saying and everything in the middle.

I will add a clue in the comments as usual.


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Sorry for not being active lately.

Clue: The arrow points to the highest dog

Top dog

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Top Dog.

Welcome back! I hope it was a good, eventful break.

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Top Dog!!

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I noticed that you didn't get a kryptonia upvote this time and I know you always do.
kryptonia isn't upvoting my posts after I create a task anymore.
Would you happen to know why?

Not too sure, it has went down a few times before but not for this long. @sydesjokes might know why, he is part of the SUP coin team

It must be up again. I just got an upvote a minute ago. lol. I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind next time.

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Top Dog


A person who is successful or dominant in their field.