unsupported hash type ripemd160

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unsupported hash type ripemd160

I am so glad people are getting big $$$ from the hive proposal system for all sorts of crap, meanwhile:

ValueError: unsupported hash type ripemd160

beem doesn't work.

And no:

editing my openssl.cnf doesn't do shit.

I am done

done with beem
done with python

I want to build services and deploy them, not become a linux admin.
Fuck linux, especially.

unsupported hash type ripemd160

unsupported trash

that's what this is.


I have since fixed the problem.

If anyone struggles with this: good luck!
I am not going to help.

unsupported hash type ripemd160

are you sure it wasn't just the wrong sort of !WEED 🤣

Seriously though glad you got it sorted, and python is on my list for this next year!


If you want to hear me go full rage mode (against Python, Beem, Pycord ...), ask me for help with any of this trash.
But srsly: just ask and I can (probably) help, after I have vented.


@tengolotodo passed you the virtual joint!
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Bit sad beem has not been updated for a while.

holgern / holger80 moved on to other things.

for future projects, I will go with @emrebeyler's library:


It doesn't have the high lvl functions of beem, but it is being maintained and emre is available for questions.
Generally it is built much less complicated.

Thanks. I've not tried that one. Will check it out.