Whistleblower Donald Marshall says that Elon Musk is bad.

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After watching Elon Musk's recent video of his Neuralink technology, I decided to email whistleblower #DonaldMarshall to see what he had to say about Elon Musk's true intentions.

Email to Don:

Subject: Elon Musk promotes NeuraLink (Brain implant)

From what I've seen, Elon is 1 of 3 people that is working on this technology. Austin Steinbart (Q) has said that Elon is on the "good team."

Of course, a lot of truthers are still suspicious of him ...


Donald Marshall:

Elon is bad. Messed with me at cloning. Is totally down with them.


Yep. But then, Musk, with that supervillain face and accent... tres creepy, no?

The ethics of this question are definitely highly debatable however the technology does have promise to help humanity...

Very well said! We get to see the two sides of the coin in many occassions and since we are in a crypto community take cryptos for example and in particular Bitcoin. There will always be bad actors and unfortunately in most cases as a community there is very little we can do about it. We should only hope that technologies such as this they will be used to do far more good to our society than be used against it.

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Pretty much any new technology has two uses, benevolent and violent. Having followed some of what Elon Musk has done for quite some time now, I tend to see him on the benevolent side. I would rather he be working on it than Gates or the Military branch of DARPA, or the CIA branch of Google.

If it was Gates we would have a very serious concern about viruses, after all he wants to decrease the world population. If it was DARPA then we would have to worry about situations as presented in the movie "Universal Soldier", and if it was the CIA and google then robotic Manchurian candidates.

The genie is out of the bottle there is very little we can do to put it back in the bottle.

Some old names coming out of the woodwork lately. Great to see it.

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