QuarkChain ICO review

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Quarkchain is a highly scalable decentralized, secure public(permissionless) blockchain that uses PoW(proof-of-work).Quarkchain essentially does this- it offers a highly scalable blockchain that can meet the global commercial demand/standard without compromising on security or decentralization.
QuarkChain utilizes sharding to provide a high-capacity peer-to-peer transactional system. It will consist of two main layers – the sharding layer, which allows for high throughput by effectively distributing data, and the Root layer, which serves to confirm the blocks of the first.

Main Features of Quarkchain:

  • a high capacity peer to peer transactioanl system
  • Anti-centralized Horizontal scalability Expansion.
  • In-shard Transactions.
    *combine horiontal and vertical scalable solutions
  • Cross-shard transactions
  • Simple account management (only one private key for all shards Quarckchain ..its a unique feature)
  • EVM contracts.
  • right now support 2 billion shards in system
  • Smart wallet.
  • Guaranteed security
  • Solves scalability problem for DAPPS
  • Reshardable two-layered blockchain-Quarkchain consists of 2 layers
  • clustering and smart contracts
  • QRkchain caters for mobile tecch and users


Initially they will issue an ERC-20 token which will be swapped for QuarkChain token once mainnet launches.

Token Metrics:

  • Hardcap = 20 Million USD
  • Private sale = 16 Million USD (Price : 1 ETH = 39416 QKC) 25% bonus
  • Public Sale = 4 Million USD (Price : 1 ETH = 31533 QKC)
  • Price : 1 ETH = 39416 QKC
  • Total supply 10 billion (20% available for sale private/public)

Road map:

The project is still under development, currently they have achieved ~2,000 transactions per second (TPS) on their test. The team is looking for volunteers to try the testnet, which should go live around the same time as the crowdsale.

  • Q2 2018 - TestNet 0.2 release which will support most of QuarkChain’s features such as smart contract, reshard, and so on

*Q4 2018 - QuarkChain Core 1.0 release, Mainnet 1.0. (target ~ 100,000 tps)

*Q2 2019 - QuarkChain Core 2.0 release, Smart Wallet 2..( 1 million tps)

TEAM: As you guys know that you don't bet on the horse you bet on the jockey and oh boy you can bet blindly on these ones. All the experience from GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM you name it.

  1. Qi Zhou, Founder – PhD in Electric and Computer engineering with 5 years’ experience in engineering and software engineering with the most recent being with Facebook as a software engineer.

  2. Software Engineer: Zhaoguang Wang, Education: Soft Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Master’s of Comp Science&Engineering at University of Michigan (21st World).

  3. Yaodong Yang, Research Scientist – PhD in engineering, and a Tenure Track Professor at Xi'an Jiaotong University, and co-founder of Demo++ Technological Incubator.

And other Noteable team members.

And don't forget the advisors like Bill Moore, Chief Engineer for Storage at Sun Microsystems, Arun G. Phadke, Virginia Tech Professor, Zhiyun Qian, cyber security expert.


Insane hype .. Telegram Almost 84k

Fomo is real here guys.

I like :

  • ASIC resistant POW hybrid algo.
  • Massive hype and community support.
  • Low hard cap
  • Fair token sale terms
  • World Class team
  • All star advisors
  • Test already running
  • CRoss shard transactions
  • EVM
  • ROI for investors :p (as they say "To the moon")

MY concerns:

  • 1 million transaction is not a walk in the park (i believe the team is competant)
  • Managing the shards is not going to be easy
  • Very ambitious claims
  • Not much tokens left for public sale (only 4 million USD)

STILL ITS ONE OF THE BEST ICO'S OF 2018 in my opinion.


See you on the #Moon.


Great review bro! This will help me with the quiz. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this information friend. Actually I found it very interesting, I will investigate a bit about Quarkchain since it caught my attention too much. :D

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There will be a lot of interesting!

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