Community Feedback #1 - What would you like to see next on Quello?

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It's been a little over a week since we launched Quello and the feedback so far has been great and we've had some great suggestions. In case you missed it, we recently added Keychain and support for communities based on the feedback of the community.

At Quello, we're working hard to build a platform that will not only interest current Hive users but attract new users to Hive. There's still a lot to do, but to pick out a few things we're looking at shortly:

  • Editing Question & Answers
  • Wallet
  • Questions and Answer Analytics
  • Gamification and the introduction on weekly and monthly prizes
  • Sponsor Program
  • Easy Sign Up

Note: We'll be putting together a more structured roadmap in the coming weeks, the above is just a taste of what's coming next.

However, with the above in mind, we want to make sure constantly working hand and with the community to create an experience you enjoy to use day in day out, so each month we'll be reaching out for your thoughts on Quello and how you'd like to see it evolve (if this proves successful, we may work towards a more structured approach).

The hope is to spark a series of suggestions from the community, so if you've been using Quello recently we'd love to hear your feedback. We thought it might be useful to provide you a few points to get started too:

  1. What do you think would be the main reason somebody wouldn't use Quello?
  2. For those, who haven't used Quello yet, what's preventing you from using the site?
  3. For those who have used Quello, what would improvements would you like to see next on Quello? What do you currently find annoying about Quello?
  4. How do you think users on Quello should be incentivized for their questions and answers?

We're always interested in hearing your feedback and feel free to let us know any time if you've got an issue or something needs to be improved, however, the hope is that by bringing this into a single thread we can spark some great discussion surrounding Quello and changes for the future.

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Probably support for translating it into other languages?

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