Quello Development Update #4 - Sign Ups, Beneficiaries and Referrals with Reward Sharing

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Hello everyone, each week we like to provide you with information surrounding the development work being carried out Quello.io. This week we're happy to announce the following changes to https://quello.io

Ability to sign up to Hive via https://quello.io


This week we've been working hard to bring some crucial changes to the site and overall improve the way people get started using Quello. At Quello, we're focussed on creating an easy to use, an intuitive platform that allows users the ability to ask and answer questions on the Hive blockchain, alongside that we're focusing on attracting new users to Hive and show them the power of this community and the applications within. However, with that said, it's hard to attract new users without sign up directly on our site, that's why this week we've been focussed on adding the ability for new users and we're happy to announce that sign up is now available on https://quello.io

Currently, our sign up made up of the following steps:

  1. Account name selection where a user can choose the name of the account they wish to create.
  2. Key generation and download to allow a user to securely store their keys.
  3. Mobile verification to prevent abuse and multiple sign-ups for a single user.

Earn rewards for signing up new users to Quello & Hive

Alongside the ability to sign up, we're also happy to announce we've introduced a referral program into https://quello.io, and we think you're going to love how it works.

Over the past couple of months, @hiveonboard in partnership with the @peakd team has been working to define a referral program that incentivizes you to refer new users to the Hive blockchain. Within this program, they define that part of the rewards for posts made by the users who you refer and shared with a selection of key individuals. When a new user joins the HIVE ecosystem there are usually up to three key entities involved:

  • The referrer who brought the new user to HIVE
  • The creator who funded the account creation operation
  • The provider who provided a software solution to make it happen

Within this program, they assign several beneficiaries to the posts of newly created users to reward the people who brought them to the chain. In line with this, we're happy to say we're now supporting this within Quello and we'll automatically add the relevant beneficiaries for users you sign to the Hive blockchain for their questions and answers. This also means that anyone you have previously referred using @hiveonboard will have beneficiaries applied for their questions and answers on https://quello.io

Currently, both @hiveonboard (@roomservice) and @quello apply a 3% referral beneficiaries to the user who referred the user to Hive, this means that you can earn an unlimited amount of Hive from referrals and earn more based on how successful each individual you invite to Hive is.

Earn rewards for signing up existing users to Quello

When adding the referral system we didn't want to limit your ability to earn rewards to be just for new Hive blockchain users and that's why we've also introduced a similar concept of reward sharing when to refer existing Hive users to Quello. Every time you refer existing Hive users to Quello you will be eligible to receive 2% of their rewards for questions and answers they create, this applied using beneficiaries in a similar method as described during sign up.

To promote users to keep this beneficiary applied we have decided to reduce our beneficiary so this comes at no additional cost to users of https://quello.io Currently, Quello applies a 5% beneficiary on all questions and answers created on Quello, however, with the introduction of the referral system, we have decided to reduce our referral to 3% when referrals are applied.

Note: If you remove the beneficiaries under 5%, we will return to our standard 5% beneficiary.


We've also added the ability for users to add and remove beneficiaries to their questions and answer of https://quello.io, in line with the referral program definition, users can remove referral beneficiaries should they wish to, however, it's important to remember that if you help them become successful on Hive it's likely they'll keep your beneficiary anyway.


Tracking Referrals

You can track your referrals directly on https://quello.io by visiting https://quello.io/referrals once signed in. You can also find your referral link and some quick share options to help you promote https://quello.io


Over the next couple of days, we'll be publishing more information surrounding the referral program including a more detailed insight into how it works and how you can start earning by referring new users to Quello and the Hive blockchain. If you've got any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask in the comment below 👍

As always, we love hearing your feedback surrounding Quello so if you've got anything you'd like to suggest or if you have any questions, please let us know. We'd be happy to help.

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I'am blown away what you did here - you really exceeded my expectations how you adapted the referral system! Just added quello.io to https://hiveonboard.com/discover-dapps since it's highly recommended dApp!

I highly recommend anybody to support this project proposal, it's well deserved.

In order to push the Open Referral System even more forward, I got a small request to your dev team:
If you can spare a few minutes of your time, it would be great to get a review on my work adding the system to Condenser. We need at least one or two reviews of those changes before it will me merged into production.


Feel free to add your comments in the merge request.

Thanks for your work on this great project!

Yea! I am impressed that Quello got this done. 👏

yeah @quello adding feedback to Condenser could help this get onto hive.blog....

Thanks for the feedback, and thank you for adding @quello as a dapp.

I should be able to take a look at the pull request this week to help move this through 👍

Have you asked @quochuy if he could give it a quick review? The amount of work he's done on the site, it should be a breeze 😉

Thanks! Will try to get in touch with @quochuy!

I'd love it if both you and @hiveonboard would make the beneficiary referral optional through a crossmark or something. So people can refer but not receive the beneficiary rewards and still make use of @hiveonboard's tracking tools for RC, if they are active, etc.

On top of that, everyone is welcome to use my public API if anyone want's to create tracking tools on his own. All data is HIVE blockchain wide and not limited to accounts created or referred on hiveonboard.com.

Link to API Documetation

Keep up the good work team

Thanks for everything! :)

Very interesting information :)

One of the best Dapps on Hive so far. I think I need to write another post about Quello like before to get some referrals. ;)

just saw you today! always loving new dapps. interface looking good (competition to reddit).

good luck!

Just two words: Fantastic work! :)

Well done with the site, it is designed professionally. Will there be quello coin?

Thanks for the kind words, potentially something we'll look into in the future, however in the short term we'll continue to use Hive whilst we focus on iterating the current experience and adding new features to Quello 👍

This is great news! Congrats on being the very first dapp to adopt the hiveonboard referral system!

Great new up powered on HIVE and with it a new world of questions and answers opens up. I would simply love to see it grow and challenge Quora if possible.

This is some progress in this little time, it feels like yesterday when quello was launched.