Quello Development Update #5 - Following Feed, Profile Hover & Minor Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone, each week we like to provide you with information surrounding the development work being carried out Quello.io. This update isn't as large as the previous release, however wanted to give you an update before we continue with some of the larger features on Quello.

The following highlights a selection of new features/adjustments we've recently made to Quello.

Following Feed

Finding questions to answer isn't always easy on Quello so when you find an author you like, naturally you want to follow them to easily find their questions in the future. To make this as simple as possible we have introduced the following feed that will show the questions of the authors you're following.


Profile Hover

Whenever you hover over a user image or name on Quello you will now see information surrounding that user. This includes the ability to view key profile information, the number of questions asked and answered, and the ability to quickly follow that user.


Bug Fixes/Improvements

Header Layout on Mobile - We noticed that there were some issues with the layout on mobile with the introduction of the new account creation options, we've fixed this so it makes sense.

Reduced Question Search Count on Question Creation - In a recent post by @katerinaramm she noticed that there were too many questions being shown when you created a new question on Quello, we have now reduced this so it only shows the top 5 questions that relate your question when you're adding a question Quello.

Question Selection on Topics - As the list of topics you can create on Quello grows, selecting a topic from a dropdown isn't the easiest option, to make this easier we now allow you type the topic you wish to create. Again another minor adjustment recommended by @katerinaramm, thanks again for your feedback.

As mentioned, in the coming days we'll be working to provide you some additional insight into our newly implemented referral program. In case you missed, you can find more information here:

As always, we love hearing your feedback surrounding Quello so if you've got anything you'd like to suggest or if you have any questions, please let us know. We'd be happy to help.

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