Weekly Quello Report (July 13, 2020 - July 19, 2020)

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Welcome to the Quello Weekly Report for July 13, 2020 to July 19, 2020. Each week we publish an update surrounding the usage of Quello and give you an insight into the top questions being asked.

User Statistics

The following provides an insight into the total number of users interacting on Quello.

New Users (Logged In)41
Unique Users Creating & Answer Questions30
Users Creating Questions22
Users Creating Answers15

Top Questions

The following questions were voted as the most popular questions by the Quello community.

QuestionAuthorVote Score
# How often do you go for a self vote in a month?@certain5
What is better way to earn better returns on Hive? Curation or Delegation?@alokkumar1214
On A Scale of 1-10, How Strict Were Your Parents?@kenanqhd3
Can we design our own smart contracts by using Hive?@hivexperiment3
Does upvoting with less than 100% Voting Mana increase the Reputation of the user of the upvoted post less than if the Voting Mana used is 100%?@anonymouser3
Do you consider the Bitcoin development team (Blockstream) a centralizing Factor?@martusamak2
What are some of the more promising near-term energy storage solutions for industry and consumers?@jaalig2
Who markets Hive Platform?@oniemaniego2
How Many Times Should You Post A Day On Hive?@whatageek2
What should be done to raise HIVE into a dollar or more?@oniemaniego2
What is the vote value of 10k hp?@sardar-sani1
What does EIP stand for in Hive?@katerinaramm1
Is it possible to track all the acounts that I gave posting or active key permission?@martusamak1
What is the best model to be an entrepeneur on Hive? Can you help?@martusamak1
What Do You Guys Think The Price Of Hive Will Be At The End Of 2020?@zemiatin1

Active Question Creators

The following users have been creating the most questions on Quello.

UserQuestion Count

Active Answer Creators

The following users have been creating the most answers on Quello.

UserQuestion Count

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