Weekly Quello Report (July 6, 2020 - July 12, 2020)

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Welcome to the Quello Weekly Report for July 6, 2020 to July 12, 2020. Each week we publish an update surrounding the usage of Quello and give you an insight into the top questions being asked.

User Statistics

The following provides an insight into the total number of users interacting on Quello.

New Users (Logged In)23
Unique Users Creating & Answer Questions14
Users Creating Questions11
Users Creating Answers6

Top Questions

The following questions were voted as the most popular questions by the Quello community.

QuestionAuthorVote Score
Could Thorium molten salt reactors become a viable ond safer option in future energy production?@jaalig4
How does HIVE increase in value?@oniemaniego4
Vote details per Value, Weight or Voted After (time)@worldfinances3
Is There Still A Way To Autovote Posts With A Specific Tag?@simplymike2
How did you manage to finish your work after being disallowed to use a programming software?@oniemaniego1
What are Proposals on Hive?@quantumg1
What would be a good name for a location based DApp?@lapingvino1
What wallets supports Cardano staking?@ronnie101
Can I power down HP faster?@ronnie101
What is the best exchange for trading?@ronnie100
Will real Python for Browsers be available as an alternative to JS?@oniemaniego0
Have you seen the sunrise in Japan?@wonderful.world10
Would you like to travel to Monument Valley?@wonderful.world10
Do you think Las Vegas is a great place to live?@wonderful.world10
Is there a way to practice trading in Hive blockchain? Plus, where can I see the history of a token and analyze the price change?@ronnie100

Active Question Creators

The following users have been creating the most questions on Quello.

UserQuestion Count

Active Answer Creators

The following users have been creating the most answers on Quello.

UserQuestion Count

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Nice to see me here...

Thanks @quello, I also hope for more people to be available to answer 😊