@askanything is back on Hive

in #question6 months ago

askhive logo.png

The process is the same and we want to keep it very simple.

  • You ask a question

  • @askanything upvote your question

  • Use the tag aha (Ask Hive Anything) to be detected

  • Maximum 10 questions can be upvoted daily

  • Happy bees ( Hivians ?) answer your questions

  • When @askanything know the answer, you are welcome to upvote his reply, this will slowly increase @askanything power over time.

Hive is on of the few blockchain where students, all over the world, are paid to ask questions !


Interesting idea. Is it only for straightforward questions? What about when looking for feedback or opinions?

Thank you,
For opinions, you have http://dpoll.xyz
For feedback, I don't know, you can write a post asking for feedback.