Which U.S. President? Quiz day #3

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(Update: This quiz is now closed. Click here for the next one!)

I don't know if I should be scared or what...

The previous quiz was answered correctly not even two hours in by @emeka4.

The correct answer was no-one else but Harry S. Truman! Congratulations for providing it, and for receiving a prize of 100% upvote, 100 ecency points, and a Splinterland card.

So let's continue...

I think I'll set today's price at a 100% comment upvote, 250 ecency points and 250 SIM tokens. Oh, and also a LVL1 Untamed Giant Scorpion Splinterlands card.

Here's the AI generated image:

There are 46 presidents in the United States. This is one of them.
Your job is to come up with his name. Unlike the earlier ones, the AI really did a job on this one 😂, and it won't be that easy.

The first one who gets it right, will get the aforementioned prize of a 100% upvote, 250 ecency points and a Splinterlands card.

The Splinterlands card I'll be giving away is a LVL 1 Untamed Giant Scorpion.

Click on image for card stats or here for lore.

I hope you are having fun! See you in the comments!


This wouldn't be easy but my guess is Andrew Johnson

It wasn't difficult enough for you. I need to up the ante with the next one.

Congratulations again, Andrew Johnson was absolutely correct!

Wow am so excited to guess it right.

Good luck for the next round! I'll try to make it more challenging.