Quote of the Day - James Clear on Taking control

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"A valuable skill in life is to be larger than the situation.

When you're feeling stressed or rattled, the situation is consuming you. It feels bigger and more important than it needs to be. This is when your emotions are likely to get the best of you.

But when you are larger than the situation, you can mentally "step outside and above it." Yes, there are problems to be solved. Yes, you need to take action. But the chaos is happening externally and you are still in the driver's seat internally. You're in control of the moment, the moment is not in control of you."

James Clear

This is yet another great quote by James Clear that I can relate to.

It wasn't easy for me to learn and develop this skill but after working as a project manager for over a decade, I can say I learned it the hard way.

When you don't have the mental fortitude, it's easy to get run over by chaos when a challenging situation arises. Sometimes you find yourself just going with the flow and assuming a reactive posture.

It's important to identify that kind of situation and remind yourself of the things you can control. In some cases, you won't be able to control much other than your own actions but, with time, you will learn that controlling your actions is already a lot.

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Wonderful quote from James Clear. I like the part on stepping outside and above it, experienced it a couple of times during a chaotic situation and it always brings a different level of understanding to the whole situation. What we can control is what we ought to focus on.

Exactly! It's a very empowering feeling when you realize that.

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