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Welcome to Qurator's Art Walk!

This will be a whole new series of art related competitions. Each week we will have a new theme that will be open to all artists! So dust off your paintbrushes, sharpen your pencils and charge your tablets to create some awesome art!

This week's theme: Still life

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  • Only art-related posts.

  • It has to be your own art! No pictures from the internet!

  • Post your link as a comment in this post to officially enter.

  • Posts cannot be older than this post.

  • Your entry will not count if you aren't following the above-mentioned rules.

  • All entries will be reviewed by the Qurator team.

  • Only one entry per week.

  • Deadline: 12 hours before this post reaches payout.

  • Can't win 1st place two times in a row.

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1st Prize
2nd Prize
3rd Prize
50% upvote
30% upvote
15% upvote

Upvotes will be sent to the participating post. In case this post is already past payout, or has been voted by @qurator, we will upvote most recent post/comment with a @qurator upvote.

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Winner of last week's competition and the first ever artist to be featured in the CREATORS GALLERY:

@sharker - 🎨 Walrus - My Digital Art

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Thank you! I am very glad that you liked my image, it is incredibly nice to be the first in the Creators Gallery :)

it was a cool one. cheers -- !PIZZA



@sharker! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @qwerrie.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (2/10)

And there were few competitors :) Thank you!

Hello, to participate in the art competition, is it only possible to use pencils and paint, or do you also accept canvases?

Hello, in this one any form and interpretation of the topic will be accepted :)
Looking forward to your entry!

Hi! Here is my entry :)

looking at it I wanna go out and buy a bottle of Guinness ;)

Вот она, великая сила искусства :)) Приятно, спасибо!