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Cover graphics by - @aaronleang

Welcome to the 300th Daily Edition of the Daily Qurator. Below you will find some awesome members of @qurator that worked hard to post some good quality content for all you awesome Steemians to enjoy!

The @qurator project was created to help give Steemians some extra exposure and awesome upvotes currently worth around $0.01 - $4.01!

Today’s Features:

Your Quality Curator ~( @goldendawne )~ Presents:

ULOG – Dinner At Toniq Before Ant Man And The Wasp

Friday night was a movie night for me and James and most of his colleagues because their company gave them free movie passes every quarter and I just got tagged along. See, James (@panoramicview) and I only go to the theaters when their company gives free passes

@junebride starts her evening out with some Vegan Shawarma then heads off with her husband for the newest Marvel Studios big screen movie. Come along to see what else Toniq has to offer besides a great meal; and stay for a moment as she settles in for the movie.

Meatballs Fish Cot Trieng Cheap But Delicious Flavors

Who does not know one of these culinary? All people or foreign tourists are definitely familiar with the culinary meatballs that are already famous culinary in Indonesia. Anyone who enjoys it would be addicted to it especially when the weather is raining

@albertjester shares one of his favorite locations to get this heart warming meal. He says the place is ALWAYS crowded, so his curiosity got the better of him one day and he had to try it out.


Strawberry Art. Markers. Perfect Morning

Berries .- This is a wonderful topic. You can draw them on garden beds or dishes. And at the same time eat it! I love berries, and, as it turned out, my daughter too. And if before all the strawberries were mine - then now there is no (But with strawberries this year we were lucky - not only my daughter ate, but also me and berries left for the picture

@amalinavia shares a beautiful drawing of one of her favorite fruits; and she soon discovered they were also her daughter's favorite. She the step-by-step process she used to add all the colors and how a blank piece of paper turned into a berry bursting image.

3-2-1-0 Hope Huggs On The One That Got Away

Today on 3 Minutes 2 Talk, 1 Take & 0 Script I am talking about how I cried yesterday, but they weren’t tears of sadness.
I watched a video about how this girl wrote a letter to her 16 year boyfriend about how much she loved him, but her mother said she was too young and wasn’t allowed to see him anymore, this letter was found a number of years later, well I’ll let you watch the video - it’s emotional!

Oh. we ALL HAVE this story to tell! And @hopehuggs shares a tear-filled video about a couple who never were supposed to be! Head over and share your story of the one that got away, or maybe write your own post about it.


Trip To Limon

I'm writing from the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, specifically from Puerto Viejo an small fishing (and now touristic) village. It is a great place to enjoy and relax, locals are usually hanging around, laid back and just being there. It is pretty different from any other beach in Costa Rica, specially if you have been to the Pacific side

Wait until you see the torrential downpours of rain in one of @raserrano's images in this post. Unbelievable!
And make sure to see the next location in this trip in a new post when the visited Manzanillo National park. So much natural beauty!

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Congrats @oleg326756 for finding the hidden upvote!

Thank you for hiding it so well. It was fun going through the post with a comb, looking for it everywhere.

Gratz! I went thought it a couple of times and was like "ummm I don't know what that title is about I must be missing something!

Congratulations on the big 300 guys and gals! It’s almost like yesterday when I first heard about this. I almost can’t believe it has been this long already.

Thank you! It almost feels like yesterday when wen we started with just a few members on board :D

Congratulations 300th

Thank you very much!

Huge congrats @qurator on the big 300! Thanks to the entire team that has made this project what it is today! I've been along for the ride as a Qurite for quite some time now and have really enjoyed getting to see all of the progress that has been made over that time! Can't wait to see what will be coming next! Keep it up! @Q300

Thank you! It has been a hell of a ride of us all. More coming up... definitely :) Thanks for all the support! :)

Just wanted to note that the last line in your comment was added 3 hours after a similar comment of mine via an edit. ;)

Haha yeah, I thought it was worth a try at least but you definitely beat me to it 😋

Well, there weren’t many others who find this secret, so we both are definitely fellow members of a very exclusive club! ;)

Haha yes, you've got that right - congrats!

Hidden upvote inside

??? I'm not seeing it... haha

Congrats on the big 300!!!

Whoa! The BIG 300! Congratulations!!! : )

Thank you :)

Yay! Congrats on your 300th issue!

Thank you very much :)

Congratulations on the daily issue #300!!!

It’s incredible how fast the time flies. And how much @qurator has developed in less than a year! Well done, team!

@scrooger | @boontjie | @goldendawne | @ewkaw | @ackhoo | @brumest | @stresskiller | @blacklux

GIF source:

Well done to the team on reaching an amazing #300!
A huge thank you for the support!

Thank you! It was some amazing journey :) Thank you for being with us @lizelle :)

Congratulations @qurator!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 6 with 1153 upvotes

@Q300 - I'm so happy to find this and so glad to be a part of @qurator. Very sneaky and you got me to read every word of this post!!!

Thank you for everything you do :)

Hahaha very sneaky indeed :p
Thanks for participating in the word hunt :D