Rabona: Some updates of my team[Furious Knight FC]

in #rabona3 years ago

It's been quite a long time; I haven't shared anything about my football team Furious Knight FC on Rabona.io. This post is actually a quick update of my team & its progress. Rabona has now become one of the most popular games in this blockchain. I am playing this game for a while now. When I started playing this game, only a few people were playing this game, but now lots of them started playing. Most importantly, it's getting better day by day as developers are working hard to improve this game. They are continuously removing bugs. Not only are they updating the game but also adding new functions to the game.

Last time (Rabona), I mentioned that my team was trying to qualify for the Loc. Actually, I did qualify twice to the Loc. It is very hard to stay long on Loc as all the teams are equally strong. As I am addicted to this game, I always try to do different things. It works for me sometimes, but most of the time, it doesn't work. After playing 3 seasons on Loc, I realize that my team won't survive here for a long time. So, the next season I was out of the Loc & back to the league-1. Damn!! That is fast; my team was struggling to avoid relegation but couldn't.

Also, something made me crazy, I forgot to renew the contract of some of my key players. When I tried to sign them again, I saw most of them already signed by the other team. So, my team started to perform terribly. I was thinking, what else could happen more terribly than that? After that, I started reforming my team, bought some players, and started scouting new players. After 2 seasons, finally, my youth academy produced some excellent players. That's how I began reforming my team.

I love to play with 4-2-3-1 & 4-4-2 formation, but after going back to the league-1, I also started working on other formations. Last two seasons, I really got some good players who are performing well. Renaud Simon, Nam boo, Miguel Viga, Aymeric vincent, Alberto Leal, Luis Rodriguez, Ricardo Cruz, Max Castro, all these players I got from scouting. Most of these players age between 17 to 24. So very much a young team, but I have faith in my team. Currently, I am trying to get back to the Loc & win the Loc Trophy.

As I am writing after a long time, lots of things have changed on Robana, they introduce new exchanges, some new buildings, new training systems, etc. Now people can buy & sell RBN directly from the exchange. In this new training system, we can select players & train them individually, so this is a great update. I upgraded my stadium & shop to level-11. My next target is to upgrade them to level-15. Also, they are working on the Tournaments; I am very excited about it. That's for today. Thanks for reading and getting here. See you in the next post. You can give me feedback by commenting below.