Collectibles: Football History [Collectors Editions]

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This is the first collectible items auction. This is about the history of football and fun. These collectible NFTs of unique personalities of football history are made for the gourmets of the gourmets. These collectibles are equipped with superior skills. Each edition is unique and printed only once.

The reverse auctions will take place in the in-game market. The start price of each collectible is 150 Million RBN. The price is reduced at irregular intervals. Once a collectible has been sold, the next auction will start.

Collectibles will be delivered frozen (NFT) and in mint condition.

Edition #01

Wanderers FC [Winner of the first FA Cup]

The FA Cup (Football Association Challenge Cup) is the oldest existing football competition. It is the oldest among all tournaments as well as all leagues that still exist today. The first FA Cup matches ever were played on 11 November 1871. The first FA Cup Final was played on 16 March 1872 at the Kennington Oval, in which Wanderers defeated Royal Engineers.

The Wanderers beat the Royal Engineers 1–0 to become the first-ever winners of the cup, the winning goal being scored by Morton Betts.

More about the first FA Cup: BBC Sport article on the match

Wanderers FC line-up in the final match on 16 March 1872:

Reginald Courtenay WelchGoalEngland100Wiki
Edgar LubbockDefEngland100Wiki
Albert ThompsonDefEngland100Wiki
C. W. AlcockDefEngland100Wiki
Edward BowenOffIreland100Wiki
Alexander BonsorOffEngland100Wiki
Morton BettsOffEngland100Wiki
William CrakeOffEngland100Wiki
Thomas HoomanOffEngland100Wiki
Walpole VidalOffEngland100Wiki
Charles WollastonOffEngland100Wiki

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The first auction has started. What are you waiting for?



Pretty cool idea! I need to start stacking some RBN for this. 😇

Please educate me, what's the need to accumulate these? Would they actually be sold in the future?

Apart from being rare collectibles, they have max stats.
First and foremost, it's about collecting and having fun.

Same here. (:

Interesting and surprising move - can you outline what is meant by:

These collectibles are equipped with superior skills.

They have the best possible skillset Uwe

Ok, think I found it - a supreme player on the market - nice idea! At the moment in theory only 5 clubs have the funds to buy that - curious to see who will make it first.

The price is reduced at irregular intervals. Reverse auction.

Yeah i read that - even my fingers are nervous already to get the first - but infrastructure is on my to do list first

I will give notice via Discord when I reduce the price. Bevor or after, I'm not sure yet.

exciting, really a cool idea in my view

Great idea and a smart move. Hmm . . . before taking part in the auction I need to rob the "Bank of Rabona" first!

After we released the Bank of Rabona module, the users will be in control of the Bank of Rabona. Then you can rob yourself. :D

Here we go! 😀


Adding more features every single week 😎

Thanks a million guys ^^

It's getting better and better. (:

Very good things are exciting.

Ja, sowas gehört einfach dazu.

Reveal spoiler


Nehme ich beides dankend an. (:

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I love this idea . I can not wait to see what NFT’s are to come.
I watched a movie about Pele a few months back . It’s a great movie definitely recommend it.

Which movie?

Pelé : Birth of a legend

Wow Pretty cool. Let's see who grabs it at what price. Stats are amazing and it would be great to have a perfect team of 11 :D

Let's see who grabs it at what price.

Yeah, really exciting! (:

Wow, these are some crazy supernatural players and is like holding Gold in your hands. Nice addition to the game to introduce historical players as that should bring another kind of players in the Rabona space.

Definitely. Once we've released a few editions, that's when it gets really exciting, because then we can trade with each other. I want a complete edition.

Great idea... Perhaps one day some legendary players of AS Saint Etienne 😀

I like that! (:

I'm going to save some RBN in the meantime 😀

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