Rabona - 3rd Player give-away contest

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Get a young 85+ OS defender for free (his stats might be even good for a midfielder)

Hi Rabona players - here comes the third contest edition to win a decent Rabona player.

Please comment below how this player would fit into your team and why you think the stats are adding value to your own playing strategy. Any comment that outlines at least 5 sentences with value is in the draw to get the player. Decision will be made by the Rabona team within the next 48 hours.

Check the player

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 14.08.58.png

Screen Shot 2021-08-28 at 14.09.09.png

About Rabona

Rabona is a massive-multiplayer online soccer management game built on the Hive blockchain. Decide how to build and develop your team, take on the role of the head coach of your team, and manage the financials of your club. Lead your club to the top of the league, and become the champion!

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That would be perfect for my team and he would also be my highest OS player ever! Since I kinda just started :p

What to say...Ugur is another world class player. He can be the defensive leader, but he can also be an outstanding center mid like Frenkie de Jong.
Despite his young age, he can perfectly fits two different formations.
In perspective he can start and end his career in the same club (he's not clever at all) and help the team to grow laying on solid defensive foundations.
I would need some fresh forces for the defense and the midfield and I would need someone like him to try to relaunch this difficult season.
Never give up!
Go 59ers!

This player will be the star of my team, and will be the wall to the defense. The other side, her perfect passing skills would help for a counterattack.
The ability of the high dribbling and endurance also contributed greatly to the center line to the end of the game.
This player also fits in my formation 4-2-3-1 to match the 4-3-3 that so many other teams use. And alternate 3-5-2 to fight formation 4-5-1 and 4-2-3-1.
Beyond the statistics, he's a young player with a 17 and would grow into a great player. And a good salary helps me a new player to this game 😁

The player has good defending, passing and dribbling alongside having endurance and being a team player. These are the ingredients for moving the ball around, defending it or supporting the attack. While he doesn't shine on the default formation (4-3-3) he has good abilities on more defensive formations where he can stand its ground being the perfect additional defender in a 4-2-3-1 formation. With him in defense or at the middle, for sure it will be hard for any team to score a goal.
My game username: @behiver, team: Manchester United.

Ugur Demir seems like quite the star player! I've never had a player with such a high OS! He'll bring up my overall OS. You weren't kidding about his defensive skills; he would be right at home in my defense. However, I think I like him as a midfielder due to his high passing and dribbling stats. Ugur isn't very clever, which is helpful for me when renewing his contract. His cleverness stat is on par with some of my favorite current players. Speed could use some work while endurance not really. I used to train my team with speed and endurance alternately so Ugur's endurance matches that of many on the team. Overall, I think Ugur Demir will fit in nicely with Los Maranitos. We're looking forward to freshening up the team with some young, new faces.

Storm Peak FC would be delighted to add Ugur to our lineup as one of the defensive midfielders in our standard 4-2-3-1 setup which he appears to be very comfortable in. As a rising League 2 team, we view Ugur as a fundamental player in our quest to gain promotion to League 1 and ultimately Champions League.

I need some good defenders !


Congratulations @rabona!
You raised your level and are now a Minnow!

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  1. The player is welcome to team good in 4231, as most of my players are excellent in 4231 formation.
  2. endurance factor is wow. The player would be active throughout the game
  3. A good passing skill make this player a utility player
  4. The OS is very encouraging and would definiting improve the overall OS of my team
  5. The salary of 400RBN with such a start is wow. I really need this young player to put live to my team and experience of playing higher league