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Get a young 85+ OS player for free

Hi Rabona players - while we are working behind curtains on improvements and new modules for the game today we have some small contest for you guys which we might do on a weekly basis.

Please comment below how this player would fit into your team and why you think the stats are adding value to your own playing strategy. Any comment that outlines at least 5 sentences with value is in the draw to get the player. Decision will be made by the Rabona team within the next 48 hours.

Check the player

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 12.06.05.png

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 12.06.29.png

About Rabona

Rabona is a massive-multiplayer online soccer management game built on the Hive blockchain. Decide how to build and develop your team, take on the role of the head coach of your team, and manage the financials of your club. Lead your club to the top of the league, and become the champion!

If you have any questions, join our Discord server or use the comments below.

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Very good defender, all his stats are good for his position, even the Cleverness, it will not be easy to keep his salary reasonable in the next negotiation 😀. The only negative point, he isn't very skilled in the 4-2-3-1 formation. We can't have everything...

And interesting to see new updates today. Good job 👍

Yes he has some awesome stats and some skills in formation could be better, training training, training or use his flexibility to be able to support many formations should you win him. Or sell him on a high prize .-). Good luck.

My current team size is 26.
I think my optimal team size is between 30 to 33 so I'm still looking for addition.
While my team is good mix of players, I player with 85+ OS will certainly bring up the average OS of the defense group higher to balance up to the midfield and offence.
I haven't been on top of my league for a while but now that I'm there, I'm hoping for this addition to take me all the way. 😎

Thanks for commenting and good luck with the draw @ace108

You're welcome.

Fantastic game. Really dense and fun :)

Nice to hear mate - thx a lot.

Amazing defender! He would be the best player of my league 2 team, my future captain.
Perhaps due to his characteristics he could better play the role of side-defender (awesome speed and endurance) than central defender (low headball). He is a rock (low vulnerability)
Maybe a bit too greedy when negotiating. His salary can raise fast.
Good team player and good at playing in different modules, even if not too specialized in any.
Waiting for him in my team! Go 59ers!

Good analysis and good luck with the draw which you are in.

Maxime Morin has some pretty good stats that would greatly benefit my team. His top score in defense is obviously desirable. I want him to replace One of my defenders because my team is getting old! The high endurance and speed also catch my eye, two skills I've been trying to train my own team in. Proficiency in 433 formation is decent and on par with the rest of my team so we can continue training that together. Lastly, I desire this player because of his next highest skill, passing. Passing is very important and probably one of the reasons why I do poorly in league 1 (I can't keep up with those guys). Thanks for holding this contest! Looking forward to more in the future!

Thx for the submission and good luck @proto26

It is an amazing defender, and with the formation stats it can be played 80% of the time.

This is a perfect addition for a league 1 where I play.

Thanks for attending @alexvan - the formation stats are quite broad evden without a top peak of a special one.

Good defender! I am not playing at all these days. Splinterlands takes up all my time. I can only play 1 game at a time.

When interactive gameplay?

I can hear you - i played Splinterlands day and night but now gave most to a bot .-).

Can you elaborate what you mean by:

When interactive gameplay?

Interactive sounds good, just tell me what you would love to see here.

Meaning some human control when the actual play is happening. Change formation on the fly. Change players. Move then around in game… etc

got ya, thanks for this. Will be added, hope this is doable :-)

Thanks for this suggestion - we added this to our list. It is possible, it might take a bit but maybe around tournaments, we will keep you in the loop on this. First priority though are tournaments, but your idea is a good one that would increase player experience of course.

Suggestion noted if you might define a bit more your request for the interactive element. Thx for the generous vote. You are in the draw - maybe you can play again or should you win think of others to support their teams.

I would treat "him" as I treat all my players except GoalKeepers :
Use "him" and train "him" up with my team and then sell "him" before he becomes expensive.
If "he" is not sold, no mourning and good luck for any other TeamLeader signing "him".
Hihi, not a professional Strategy I guess, but ... . . ..

I like the way you would treat "him" throughout the career lifecycle :-) - you are in the draw.

Oh... I forgot my team for so long.
I will get back my team and make a try.




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Great to read!

17 years old and already a star defensive player(100).Player's great speed(81) and endurance(91) makes him a nightmarish marksman for opposition attacking players.An above average Teamplayer stat(62) means he will contribute nicely to team plays.Moderately Comfortable in playing 3/4 formations.Player has a 57% chance of converting in front of goal when presented with a clear opportunity.To make him a dangerously effective defender,I would intensify his training on passing and heading.Give me 3 more of this players with same stats at such age and I have a very mobile unbreakable wall of defense and a Championship winning team.

Nice analysis that matches also your strategy it seems - good luck in the draw.

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impressing defense skills :) and with my not existing team he would be a perfect addition ;)

Speed ​​and endurance can make it play a more important role in back-end defense. I think he can play as a main player.😀

I am a novice, Maxime Morin such good data, can greatly benefit my team. He can lead the team to win a good place.

This is a very fun game. Rich in content. Made my football dream come true.

I'm not very familiar with it, but I really like it. This project is really great and attractive. Come on!

MAXIME MORIN's overall strgenth is 87 ,Higher than the average level of my team members.I'll make him a starter.His endurance and defending are excellent. In the first half, he can use his endurance to run and interfere with each other. In the second half, he can be a goalkeeper.And I will rule out the 4-2-3-1 formation to match him .As for his salary, I think it is more economical.

A young defender with great potential and great defense. He will be better in the game. Young is the speed, endurance and passion of the court. No matter what formation is adopted, I think I can fight hard and play better in the field. The level of competition.

I bought a new striker and I hope he will replace one of my players because my team did not shoot! High endurance and speed also attracted my attention. These are the two skills I have been working hard to train my team. The proficiency of the 442 formation is good, comparable to other members of my team, so we can continue to train together. Passing and passing are very important. Looking forward to more in the future!

I'm not very familiar with it, but I am really interested on it. Hope it can have animation effect. The broadcast sometimes failed hope you can fix it.

thanks to team

thanks to team.I love this game.When interactive gameplay?

I would treat "him" as I treat all my players except GoalKeepers :
Use "him" and train "him" up with my team and then sell "him" before he becomes expensive.
If "he" is not sold, no mourning and good luck for any other TeamLeader signing "him".

I am not a professional football manager, but I believe I will do well after my own efforts. I have the best strikers and defenders, the best midfielders, the best goalkeepers. Come and have fun in my place! I want to have the best perimeter, so everyone can have a good time, and the beer and the popcorn are ready, so come on, cuties.

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