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The problem with racism is that it doesn't exist, much the same way a sneeze isn’t what ails you. An emotional outburst between two people and the often personal slurs that ensue, may contain racist/sexist//intolerant, because you are this I see you as that, elements, but most are said in frustrated anger, and because people in general have been standardized into class oriented models of thinking. Actual racism is organized discredit, it is taught hate, hate with purpose, hate manufactured and wielded as a sword, and it almost always represents the symptom of a much larger disease, or simply put, evidence of a hand behind much larger crimes. The mainstream racist attitudes of the 40s and 50s weren’t incidental for the time, they were practiced by the state and fed to the public with direct purpose.
In order to thrive, racism requires state support, either through immediate action, or mute inaction.
Positive racism is still racism, whether it’s the new “black” secretary of state, or the first “female” in space, it reinforces the ideology of positive collective traits and attributes, thus justifying collective trait consciousness, and implying negative traits as the obvious consequence, all while serving as the backbone of continued racist programming and control. Celebrating gender, race or affiliation is the other side of the coin of discriminatorily pointing it out. Distinctions that have no merit in aptitude, made purely as some measure of class; one’s beauty, gender, heritage, religion, wealth, in such context, should also be considered racist/intolerant remarks. If racism means who you were born as, then slavery by colour would be at one end of the spectrum and some claimed royal lineage at the other, same rainbow, different arc; pot of gold, bought and sold. Money and power are the disease, and control is the root cause of all racist policy and law, of all racism, period. From selling cars to movie stars, to political queens and corporate czars, sales are always about pointing out differences between the have’s and the have nots, and reinforcing the belief that those kinds of differences make any difference at all.