How to send XRB / RaiBlocks from rai_wallet software

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Hi all,

Today I've made my first transaction to a friend in Rai or XRB and wanted to share my experience with the wallet software.
A couple of issues arose when trying to transfer a fraction of one Mxrb via the wallet to a RaiWebwallet and back and I would like to share some tips and lessons with the Steem community.

As you can see I've sent 1000000 xrb (1Mxrb or XRB) to a friend, whilst I intended to send 1.234567 Mxrb. This is the transaction that happened instead:

After some exploration I found a hidden option under Advanced where I could set the unit of scale to xrb which is the smallest send/receivable unit in the RaiBlocks network like a satoshi is on the BTC network.

When my friend with a web wallet wanted to send back some of the XRB (with 0 fees on RaiBlocks network!) he ended up sending himself the xrb! We just discovered a bug in the web wallet that he was using:

Instead of my xrb address the web wallet displayed the receiving address (of my friend) as the sender... so we made a ticket on the github page, as all RaiBlock enthousiasts should do when encountering a bug, see it here:

Luckily all worked out fine and when resending the XRB to the correct address, it was delivered and confirmed within one minute! Compare this to Bitcoin's confirmation time which can take days if you don't pay up a royal 15 euro tx fee.

If you also want to get started with the rai_wallet, I highly advise to download the entire blockchain file separately.
Here is a link to the one that I used (just follow the instruction pdf):

Also I would like to let you guys with Ledger Nano S's know that a develloper is working on RaiBlocks support:
expect more news from this in February.

Hopefully this helps everyone to get started with the Rai Wallet software, feel free to send my friend some more xrb if this post was helpful as he really could use them to pay the rent: