When a dream comes true

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6 years ago - I had a dream

Some years back on the 25th of October 2017 I did this post about a fictive rally car to honor the people who supported my first 20 weeks of the still ongoing #BeerSaturday challenge.

That day, I spent quite some time with Photoshop to virtually put names and logos onto a picture of a little rally car.

(C) by Pixabay and heavily modified by @detlev with photoshop

Thanks again to @buzzbeergeek and the supporting whales @ats-david @pfunk @blocktrades and @newhope.

Hey Hive Family
and let us travel the world again
today we enjoy rally cars

Some years later

I don't know the complete story, but I think @pfunk and the @valueplan team had the idea to sponsor a cool driver @ssekulji and his car. Read more at the blog from @ssekulji and make sure you follow him to vote his posts.

To make it clear

My fun idea from the past
has nothing to do with this car.
As far as I know.

What a beauty

Video by @detlev at web3 berlin 2023

Web3 in Berlin 2023

A dream come true and there is a car with a lot of support from #Hive


We had a #Hive booth around the car and got a lot of attractions from all the visitor

Picture by @detlev at web3 berlin 2023


Picture by @detlev at web3 berlin 2023


Picture by @detlev at web3 berlin 2023


Picture by @detlev at web3 berlin 2023

The great work of @lordbutterfly

This guy is awesome as his video work promotes the Hive blockchain by using the great Hive rally car. Read more at his post from rallye monte carlo https://hive.blog/hive-163772/@lordbutterfly/wrc-rallye-monte-carlo-recap

Pictue by @lordbutterfly from his wrc rallye monte carlo recap post

and the "on ice driving" car with @ssekulji and his team


Video by @lordbutterfly from his wrc rallye monte carlo recap post

The driver team

Since some years Slaven Šekuljica, the Hive rally car driver, and the co-driver Damir Petrović team up with the HIVE car. See them here at the opening ceremony for the 2024 Monte Carlo Rally.

Pictue by @lordbutterfly from his wrc rallye monte carlo recap post

Let support this team

Have a great day everybody
and let us travel the world again

pic by @detlev

Enjoy the #BeerSaturday
have 3 pics and a story
around beer - and go!

@Detlev loves HIVE

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Crazy to see this one is actually driving around right!
Look how far we have come!

Yeah - community can do a lot.

I will sponsor and support some new virtual car racings here on Hive.

My friend @michaelreischer and @pogoberlin are "sim car racer" and they will add some Hive Logos to their cars, which they drive in a German league

plus there will be a community for this kind of virtual & close to reality "simulation racing"

The technology is cool, already a huge market and I think Hive fits perfect to this.

These are some of my SimRacing cars from the last seasons.





@detlev! Your Content Is Awesome so I just sent 1 $BBH (Bitcoin Backed Hive) to your account on behalf of @thehockeyfan-at. (1/1)

Glad to see the Hive rally car is still going strong!

The Hive Rally Car is really a thing of prestige. I love it when the driver cover miles, spreading the word of #hive.

cheers to more heights.

That car looks amazing and how through these races Hive can be more visible and more people have the opportunity to know it, I would like to be a pilot and have a car like that here in Venezuela 😁 it is an excellent promotion and marketing strategy.