What a time to be alive

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While 2020 is probably the most annoying year I can recall, at the same time it is one of the interesting I can recall.



Conspiracies, Virus and a new state in Seattle and all of this in the first half of the year. So we have still time for more craziness.

Yesterday I spend quite some time to watch some youtube videos about "Chaz".

I found the following ones pretty interesting.

While I think the host is very focused on his question and is very biased in his opinion he gives everyone the time to explain their points even when it often becomes some nonsense rambling.

But the question of who is running things, who organizes what etc is getting now answer.

Fox on the other hands is painting a way different picture.

( I can`t help but wonder if this is the usual style of how news are presented or if this more a commentary on events? Maybe someone can let me know )

Words like "demands" and "warlord" is creating a picture of a terrorist attack or a hostage situation. At the same time making as much fun about the situation as possible and giving some livershots to the democratic party.

The major of Seattle is painting a picture of bigger block party.

I think it is fascinating the different language used in those clips and how it paints your own mental picture of the situation.

Charles Hoskinson for example used the same vocabulary as VOX news in his latest AMA and made the same points about the farming for example.

Which I think is fascinating how opinions trickle down through the different channels.

I am very curious how this will develop and how people will talk about this in a couple of years if at all.

I am curious if and how people will get prosecuted. In this time I can barely imagine people are anonymous there and not being tracked.

Should the national guard intervene? Should we as society be allowed to have protests like this? What about people living or running a business there? Just collateral? What if this experiments succeeds and how would success even look like?

Getting rid of the police to replace it by your own police does not sound like a win or more freedom. Do we need more freedom? Or is a "for the greater good" mentally the better choice which China seems to have a liking of. Or will we find a way which combines the best of both world possible through Blockchain solutions hammered in unbreakable code?

We have seen different approaches in dealing with Covid 19 and different power of the state worldwide and how easy or hard it was for a state to take that power.

With uncertainty in numbers the different we got it is impossible to declear the winner of the "you dealt the best with that situation" award.

I am pretty lost in forming my opinion but I am curious as a small child how history will unfold


This year is crazy and I´ve got the feeling it will get even more crazy. Every time I start reading about stuff like this or BLM in general or COVID19 I give up after a few minutes. It´s really hard to understand what is going on. The videos you see online are disturbing and in my opinion make everything worse. I´ve seen videos were people get pulled out of cars and get beaten up from 3-4 or more people.

This is how I see 2020

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