@randowhale Manual Curation

in #randowhalelast year (edited)

It seems good old @randowhale is not quite as popular as he used to be!

Moving forward, when @randowhale is sitting at 100% voting power, the account will be used to manually curate under-rewarded content. @randowhale doesn't care about your life story, actifit nonsense, political views or the latest Steem news.

Keep it short and sweet, maybe we'll meet.

Please see this post for more information about @randowhale.

Thank you.


#oldsteem is RandomWhale.
#newsteem is RandoWhale.

For real. I laughed OUT LOUD scrolling through and seeing your thumbnail.

I remember in the days of yesteryear, when it was very exciting seeing randowhale floating about.😍

Thanks for all you do!
Ya may check out the #helpiecake tag when fishing around. Tiny minnows may use that to get... @helpie. 😉

Hahaha! You are back! Good grief! I have missed you forever! Good old friend!
So glad to see you back! How? Why? So many questions pop up!
Any way! Welcome back!

Have a wonderful time!

Wow,,,just great word. Keep it up brother. Your work will make a great steemit.
Love and respect from me 😍😍😘
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Hey, I always got short and sweet!

haha... no whale here. just happy to be here and hopefully a @happydolphin.

Ha! Howdy randowhale. I like your attitude.