@randowhale Voting SP Adjusted

in #randowhalelast year

Due to low use resulting in large votes, the SP allocated to @randowhale has been reduced to 100,000 SP.

(I forgot how fucking cool this image was)

Here's how it works:

  • Send 2 STEEM to @randowhale - include the URL to the post you would like to have voted on in the "Memo" field.
  • If @randowhale has sufficient voting power, you will receive a random % vote between 1%-100% on the post you requested. (Higher probability to receive lower % votes.)
  • Upon placing a vote, the STEEM that was sent to @randowhale will be sent to the @null account (bye bye STEEM!).
  • If @randowhale does not have sufficient voting power, you will receive a refund and will not receive a vote.

Please Note:

  • If you abuse this beautiful creature, you will be blacklisted at my discretion, no questions asked.
  • There is a blacklist. If you're a spammer, you're probably on it.
  • This is intended to be fun, not profitable. If you're expecting profit, please do not submit any requests.
  • @randowhale will be regularly powered down, and all STEEM sent to @null.

Is it possible I could get a 1% vote? Or, a 100% vote?

  • Yep, but, you have a better chance of receiving a small vote than a large vote. That's just how it has to be.
  • This could change at any time, depending on the amount of STEEM Power delegated to @randowhale. If this changes, a post will be made.