$RAVEN Holders Drop - INK Token

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INK Drop Header.gif

Hello everybody! 😊

How are you doing?

I´m good! Just got a new drumkit this week and I am very happy about this! I am always like a little kid on Christmas when getting a new instrument. 😄

I love the color and the sound! It´s beautiful. It´s a mini drumset, so it´s perfect for carrying it to gigs. Hopefully I can make some more freetime for practising the drums again. 😍

Like announced a few months ago, here is a little Token drop for all my fellow $RAVEN holders!

The alpha version of the Minigame of CraftInk started a while ago, so I decided to drop some INK tokens to you guys. 💰

✅Every $RAVEN holder got 4 INK for every $RAVEN they hold. ✅

That means in total I dropped 1520 INK to my token holders! 🎉

This might just be a small drop right now, but soon there will be a physical merch drop and another NFT drop at the beginning of next year.

Right now, I am working on new music and another big project (which I will announce in my next post), so I am missing a bit of time to make complicated NFTs.

I hope you guys understand but I really want to focus my time on creating this big thing right now, and you as $RAVEN token holders will also benefit from this.

About CraftInkhttps://playcraftink.com/

Before you might sell your INK tokens right away, you should have a look at the game first.

If you love trading cards and NFTs and Hive, this is the right game for you!

Hivians can become cards in this game which makes it even more personal to play it. Maybe you are lucky and get me as a card if you start collecting. 😊

Right now, the Minigame that is out is a passive and easier version of the game.
All you need are some cards, and you build your office team and register it for weekly seasons where you can win prizes like INK, Hive or CraftInk packs.

That´s it. You don´t need to put any time into the game.

The Minigame will be expanded with some new features soon such as Effect Blends to bring more variation into the game and to make a good usecase for React and Item cards.

To give you some more infos on how to play, I created 2 tutorials:

#1 CraftInk Overview

#2 How to register a team for the Minigame

(This one will be recorded new soon to give you even more info)

After we finished developing the implementations to the Minigame, we will build an active player vs. player trading card game where you use your cards to build a deck and play actively against other players (like you might know from Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone or YuGiOh).

So this game has both parts, an active and passive version, so no matter if you are the one type of player or the other (or both) you will get your share.

We tested the game with printed cards in real life during the summer and I must say, it was alot of fun! The cards and effects were well balanced and it was not too hard to understand it even for people who never played such games, but it was also not too easy to become boring to fast. I think the game is really well balanced already.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask in the comments or join our Discord server.
Here are all relevant links for the game:

Join our Discord Server - https://discord.gg/25Fp5wBvQa
CraftInk Website - https://playcraftink.com/
CraftInk Blog - https://peakd.com/@craftink/posts

If you like our game, please also help us spread the word about it! Thank you! 😊

And now, I will go back to work and wish you a sunday and rest of the weekend!!
Thanks for staying with me and supporting! ❤️

See you soon! 💜🖤


Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Thanks for the airdrop 😊 the drum kit looks cool!

You´re welcome! =) Yeah it´s awesome, I love it!! I am buying more parts from time to time to make it a full reggae/latin kit at some point. :D

This new instrument mini drum is really cute and amazing. I am loving the color it's so elegant.

Cheers for the INK.

That's a cool drum kit. I am thinking of getting something similar for playing with my band. I don't need a big rock kit and it needs to be portable. Have fun with it.


Thanks for the token :)

What a beautiful drum kit! You rock!

Did you ever find out who was messing with your Spotify? Or did they at least stop?


You must be killin' it out here!
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Nice drop! It would be cool if we could spend the Ink on packs, hopefully, they can add that option soon!

It would be nice to reinvest the token into the game for sure :)

Thank you very much.

Nice drumkit, looks like a lot of fun.

Any chance we get to see/hear it in action soon?


Wow! Thanks a lot!
I didnt know they already launched the game. Need to check it :)


Is that your drum kit, I love that colour right enough!

Thanks for the INK Raven,yep @craftink is such a cool game!

thank you Raven! Awesome idea to do token drops!

Thank you so much for sharing the airdrop with us
I’m grateful

A big greeting my dear friend, this very beautiful drum set, and share this beautiful event with the community.

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Thanks for the mention, don't you have a post of the game but written, other than in video, All I've seen is in video.

That is awesome, @ravenmus1c
I will have to check this game out.

Thanks for the airdrop.


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Wow the new drumkit really makes sense I must confess. They looks so awesome