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Have you ever had t deal with the complexities of hosting with AWS? So many modules to go through that it starts to get confusing before you get to operate on five of them.

These layers of complexities that come with AWS has really made me shy away from the platform personally. As an entrepreneur who gets to put new platforms online every now and then, I know just exactly how confusing it can be to deal with multiple modules and hosting features that are separated.

Though I understand that these modules were made in order to make it easier for users to be able to use the platform easily I still get a lot confused when I have to deal with a separate package for databases, another one for code deployment and so on.

I'd much rather prefer it if I didn't have to deal with all those technicalities, which is why at some point I switched to using Heroku. Heroku is quite easy to use and they provide a decent service to their customers, but at some point I got bored and decided to try out a different platform with the same features.

In my search for a similar platform as Heroku, I came across Plugins by Quandix and was really impressed.

According to the in the introduction in their website documentation "Plugins by Quadnix (Plugins) is a production-ready smart platform, capable of hosting your applications under its own serverless infrastructure with built-in capabilities like CICD, auto-scaling, and failure-recovery."


While I have not started using the platform fully, I love the reviews that I have been able to find on them online. The platform provides mostly similar services as Heroku such as auto-scaling, SSL and failure recovery which helps app servers reboot after crashing due to bugs or whatever reason.

Plugins by Quadnix provides a fast and secure way for people to deploy their apps and websites without having to worry about some configurations that might affect the smooth running of the deployment.

This has been my main attraction to the platform, the fact that I don't have to worry much about load balancing and traffic overload, the hosting provider helps me scale my server capabilities easily for every new user.

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