Make Rice Chicken Biryani (Rice Typical India) with Herb Flavor Shake the Tongue

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Hello foodies ..
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Today I will share the recipe to cook the chicken rice biryani. The food is very famous in india its distinctive flavor in coherent with chicken and spices to make your tongue dance.

Want to try ?, easy !. No need to go to India, just make your own at home. Prepare tools ingredients, and cook !. The following recipe chicken rice briyani

Ingrediets :

1 whole chicken (± 800 grams).
300 ml of plain yogurt.
2 tsp chilli milled / refined.
1 tbsp chopped coriander leaves.
1 tbsp chopped mint leaves.
6 grains of cardamom.
6 eggs clove.
5; cinnamon.
3-4 tbsp cooking oil.
200 grams of red onion, thinly sliced.
coconut milk

How to make :

Mix all ingredients and spices herbs and spices that we puree

Stir-fry cooking oil

Mashed and garlic puree

Then mix with the spices we had sauteed in early

Input sliced onion and red pepper

Add a little chilli sauce if you like it spicy

Diced chicken then input into a stir-fry seasoning we have a miraculous cauldron Menis then close until the spices soak into the chicken

Then after 20 minutes add the little bit of water and flavorings to allow the flavors into savory

Slowly pour the coconut milk, coconut milk is useful to thicken the spice that we add water

Then input that we cook rice

Then mix well and spices to infuse

Crispy and tasty typical spices makes us excited

Thus today's recipe I hope you like it and can try it at home

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Mmmmmooooorrrrrreeeeeee... This looks so yummy! I'm jealous! I enjoy your details. Pretty please keep these posts coming! Good gravy! What a great job. follow, resteem

@culinaryevening I love chicken biryani!
I could get one paying it with a BTC here but since you've already shared the recipe I'll just make me one. Thank you!