Producers Lab class is in session here at the studio!

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gm HIVE family!

Did a thing today 👉👈

It's not perfect, but it's the first day of class here at the Producers Lab. The area of the studio that will be used to teach production on Ableton Live.

In charge is @gabriel-cazali, who you might have seen in Mycelium podcast. Here are some of the episodes, in case you want to hear some good music from some amazingly talented DJs:

Mycelium Podcast - 001
Mycelium Podcast - 002

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This is what the classroom looked like this morning, before anybody arrived:
Producers Lab at Recording Box empty.jpeg
As you can imagine, we were a little bit nervous on day one.

This is what the classroom looks like right now:

Producers Lab at Recording Box04.jpg

Gabriel is super patient and very knowledgeable, and he's structured his course to really take students step by step to become world-class DJs and producers.

Super excited!

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Everyone is focused and happy to be in this creative space, picking up valuable knowledge. Not to mention understanding that this is a work-in-progress too. We're putting The Producers Lab together little by little #DYI style.

No fancy furniture or equipment, just whatever we already had lying around.
Producers Lab at Recording Box03.JPG

Producers Lab at Recording Box01.JPG

We hope to keep you updated on the development of The Producers Lab. Maybe we can all join the conversation and we can all learn about production together.

This is how happy we are:

Gabriel bailando12.gif

Thanks for stopping by!

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