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RE: Reset Accounts

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Like you, I was confused by the process when I was looking to change my recovery account. I wanted to look it up but lack of time has been a challenge. What you’ve come up with is definitely interesting, knowing Ned I’m not entirely sure it was a legal thing. Guy was a snake I bet it was a steal your shit kind of thing.

Dan though, I would be interested to see if he brought this same thing over to EOS.


This feature happened on HF11,
I'm not sure what the timelines are here.
When did @dan leave?

Hf16 or 17, I think.

You can see in one of the pics I posted the documentation says HF11...

Oh... you mean dan left at HF16?
Didn't realize he stuck around that long.

He was still here when I got here, and I got here just before 16.
I think he may have left over the changes in 17, but my memory slips some.

That would be a great feature, I got some lost accounts.

That was before my time, I have no idea. If it was something introduced, that's suspicious! It's a thin line of being great but also being insidious.

Have you figured out how to set a reset account?