I was thinking the same thing... although I don't think that will work because changing the owner key doesn't really stop the network from freezing the account in question.

I think the only option is for the frozen accounts to sue Steemit Inc.
Steem will be deemed a security.
It's going to get ugly.

Steem is indeed a security by the same criterion Ethereum was not deemed a security by the SEC. Ethereum is decentralized. (Steem is not) Some high-ranking official of the SEC, Hinkley or something, said it in an interview.

All the shit Sun is pulling on Steem could come and bit him in the ass in the future...

I agree, and when everyone realizes it's possible for him to do all those things on Tron, Tron will be ruled a security as well. He's going to get double jacked.

He's going to get double jacked.

I'd love to see that midget tyrant's empire collapse under its own weight! 😁