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We want to help Redfish. In order to do this,

we give manual upvotes to the accounts

who have a natural SP of 499 or below.


The only requirements is that the accounts are not on any blacklists

and are quality posts, meaning the images are sourced and

there are at least 100 words.


How do we find the Redfish we upvote?

We get referals from you, the posts from @heyhaveyamet,

and those we come across as we search the Steemiverse.


So, if you know a worthy Redfish account,

please let us know here in the comments,

or contact us in the Steem Terminal Discord Server.

You can reach the Steem Terminal Discord Server by clicking the banner below.


Please allow us to help the Redfish reach their goal.

SA nurses.png


@adailydose writes daily posts 😉👍 they're pretty good too.

Thank you @imraincrystal for referring A Daily Dose".

I'm interested to learn more about this. I'm definitely interested.

I am very intrested in this cause I have only 156 SP. Thanksfor this initiative. Have a great weekend. Greetings from Argentina. Commented and upvoted.

You guys are awesome!

Me and my sister want to have more sp

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Okay, I need to ask you.
Which one is the natural SP?

I have 47 and 102

*Although both numbers are well below 499

My account on