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It is way past time to tell everyone about our Steem-Aide account. This account is partnered with @steemterminal and @heyhaveyamet to help the plankton/redfish on Steem. To do this, we will be doing manual and a few auto upvotes to those who have 499 SP or less natural Steem Power; real Redfish.


The manual upvotes will be given to those who are featured in the @heyhaveyamet HHYM introduction posts as well as those who have been brought to our attention, and those we have come across by pure serendipity. The manual votes enable us to verify each and every post are quality posts that are not plagiarism or made by those who are on blacklists.


Automatic votes will only be for those who are participating in the Redfish Rally. The Redfish Rally is a monthly contest that enables three people to receive a one-month delegation of 100, 75, or 50 Steem. There is a specific criterion the Redfish Rally has; they require no one to be on a blacklist, no plagiarism, and the posts must be quality posts. These auto-votes are not made just because the people are contestants, they are made with consideration and the vote can be taken away if the posts do not match the criterion.

Would you like us to help a Redfish account you know about? Please let us know in the comments below with the Redfish account you would like upvoted. Please remember the account is not to be on ANY blacklist, contain plagiarism and must be a quality post with more than just a photo and few words. We do reserve the right to refuse an account, but are sure you all will send us only the best accounts.

Background image by Jonny Lindner from Pixabay and can be seen HERE .

So this is Steem-aide. We are here to help the redfish accounts grow; to do this we need your help letting us know who they are. If you would like to help us even more, we are always looking for delegations. Any amount will be accepted and appreciated. However, if you would like to help all the Redfish accounts we are helping, please follow our curation trail labeled steem-aide. I know they would all be appreciative to your upvotes.

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I love it!

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