Reflections Contest Entry

in #reflections2 years ago

What does it mean to live Ozarklife? It means having time to listen to nature and yourself. It's a way of saying all that crazy hustle bustle nah, I don't bother with that stuff. When you are here there is time to reflect and breathe. Live, thats what Ozarklife means, find yourself and LIVE. My entry is a feather to let everything fly away, dream, and live.
I lose and find myself in the reflection pattern in my #dreamstones.

All photographs and faceted #dreamstones by @nomaddreamer.


These are so pretty. I love the first photo!

Thanks so much it felt serendipitous @madame-cyntaia and I had been talking about the reflection post and we stopped hiking a few minutes later and there it was floating in a pool from the last storm.

That's wonderful! I had fun with my virtual tour!!!

You presented wonderful reflection pictures, @nomaddreamer, but published your post not in the Shadow Hunters community which is against our rules. I believe you made it by mistake, so please read our rules carefully. I hope to see you in new rounds of our contest in the future ❤️!

Yup totally made a mistake I’ll be more thorough reading the post rules.
Thanks for being understanding.


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