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play the #cleanplanet game! and together we can all contribute a little to create a big impact! pick up trash, recycle, and get involved in the game :)



Hey welcome @loveworkers !
Great initiative to show us you preserve our environment !
Well it is a little short of course but I welcome you by a 100% upvote for encouragement and to show you that it is possible... to earn crypto by this way.

  • show your action step by step
  • show me the Date of your action
  • put the trash in a public bin
  • and don't forget to use cleanplanet tag to be seen

These 4 rules are important because some poeple try to cheat us in the past.

Welcome again ! Continue when you can to !

Thanks for the planet

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100% upvote

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You earn 500 PLANET TOKEN


Burn 1 to 800 PLANET TOKEN to @null on hive-engine with each link of your post in memo and get @cleanplanet upvote

Great Job!! You're reminding me to continue to do the same! Thanks again for your example and work.

@loveworkers, thank you for supporting the HiveBuzz project by voting for our witness.

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Once again, thanks for your support!

I love that initiative and #weareinthistogether spirit!