Spreading Adoption of Blockchain and Crypto

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Lunch Vibes At Mi Yard

We at ReggaeSteem have been working to spread adoption for sometime. Our first established effort is Beachfrontcrypto.com. Now, ReggaeSteem, Reggae, Steem Blockchain, Steem Engine, the Steem Engine Tribes and the entire community are a continuation of that work.

While we spread blockchain and crypto we endeavor to give reggae vibes, One Love and Irieness from Jamaica, to the World. Lets recall some great man @bobmarley @petertosh @burningspear

@dmilliz @crypto @blockchain @massadoption $btc $steem $jahm $dgb $eth $go





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Upness, one scan at a time

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Yeah, was pretty kl.... this was yesterday around lunch time

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@miyard, That's really awesome aspect and in my opinion this is the best way because people will look into all these Promotive work and who knows, they will redirect towards these wonderful opportunities. Keep up and stay blessed.

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