Reegae in Argentina

Reggae is a musical rhythm that was born on the island of Jamaica and soon afterwards it spread throughout the world all over the world.

Los Cafres - La Flor

We can say that the reggae is a fusion between the Calypso, the Rocksteady and the blue beat. The word Reggae comes from the word Raggamuffin, which was used to refer to the poor classes in Jamaica and the Dreadlocks.

The rhythm was born in the late 60s and had Bob Marley Jimmy Cliff among its greatest exponents. The pace expanded rapidly throughout the world.

The rhythm arrived in Argentina in the 80s and the first musical themes began to appear with the influence of music coming from Jamaica.

Riddim - Hey Bredda

Bands like "The Grandparents of Nothingness", with their songs "Sadness in the City" or Chalamán, and the group "Sumo" with their songs "No Good", "Kaya", "Regtest" and "Reggae of Peace and Love” Were good approximations of songs influenced by the Jamaican rhythm.
Later, another great musical band emerged that was fully dedicated to the catchy Central American rhythm. This band was called "Los Pericos", who quickly managed to place their songs in the top positions of the main musical rankings of the country. His singer "El Bahiano" surprised everyone since his image with dreadlocks in his hair and knowing how to sing in English gave a special imprint to the Argentine band.

Years later others emerged new bands with a great influence of Reggae as "The Zimbawe Reggae Band" who were encouraged to perform several songs with influence of Reggae.

Los Pericos - Runaway

Other large groups in our country have been encouraged to record songs within the style, among which we can mention “The Fabulous Cadillacs and the Untouchables.

Currently, the main Argentine Reggae band are "Los Cafres", who continuously release songs that are the most listened to on all the country's radios.

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Thanks for sharing this Pablo, it's great to see everyone share the impact of Reggae and Jamaican culture on their own music scene. One day I should share Canada. Then again half of Jamaica has a cousin up here :D

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