6 years of Companionship

Since he doesn't have a facebook anymore, I have to make my anniversary shout out post on Steemit.

Here's to 6 years with my favorite human on the whole planet. We met online, via a dating site, and he caught my attention immediately. In the culture of hook ups and superficial associations, his initial message to me really stood out. He wrote a 3 page message, touching on specific parts of my profile, especially our shared love of science.

Since then we've gone on so many adventures together. Exploring nature in the wilderness, in plotted gardens, and everywhere in between. For 6 years we've held each other up and had each other's back, and I couldn't be happier to have him in my life.

14566285_10153958877220267_6598592031434257138_o (1).jpg



Here's to you and me @solominer Here's to more adventures and shared opportunities to grow. I love you so much, and I love getting to share my life with you ❤❤❤❤😘😄




Amazing six years we have had, as you said many places we explored that I may have not gone to on my own. So thanks for joining me, and I hope we will have many more to come @activate.alpha

I left facebook a few years back, so thanks for joining me on Steemit. And I hope to bring many other friends to this platform as well.

Looking forward to checking out the Botanical gardens next weekend with @stevenotronnie and You. Hopefully the pollen wont be too bad.. 🍀

Happy six years honey, love you very much. And great post! ♡


thanks very much! We are still going strong.


Make it many more years.

Que bonito.

Que sean muchos años más.