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I doubt you can get too radical for me, I support free speech, not just speech I agree with.

I think poshToken should use HIVE authentication.

Whatever we can do to stay on our own api's versus their servers the better, imo.

I also say that HiveWatcher appeals should take place on HIVE and not on Discord. Handling appeals on HIVE is more transparent in the Hive=O=Sphere than discord

If we had a dev do a private messaging system that might be possible, but discord allows for public space where things can happen collectively.
Until a better alternative is created, this is what we get.
To do it through comments and posts would be way too clunky.


I doubt you can get too radical for me,

The term "radical" comes from the word "root." People used to associate the term with people who are interested in the underlying epistemology of a society. There actually were groups that used the label radical in the late 1700s.

Your posts indicate that you are more attuned with the root issues of society more than most people on the forum.

Some people classified the US Founders as Radicals because they openly discussed the foundations of government and society at large.

Conservatives managed to destroy the term by using it for anyone running around with wild-eyed ideas.

I've always thought that radical in the traditional sense was a good thing. We need people who study the underlying issues.

The game of changing the definition of terms undermines a society.

Just seeking my version of the truth.
Worried that if I find the ultimate truth I will die shortly after.