The Final Times

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The Final Times


If there ever was a time for a messenger of God to appear, this would be it.

Hello, my name is Christopher Carlson, and I am a messenger of God. In May of 2017 God spoke to me and showed me many visions of things to come. God told me to share this his message with the people of the earth.

When God spoke to me, our conversation lasted for around five hours, and God explained things in great detail. I saw images and scenes accompanying God's explanations of things, things that have been, things that are, and things that are yet to come. Whenever I asked questions, which was often, God answered them. For those five hours, two years ago, I felt like a fire-hose of information was opened up full into my mind.

Since then, it has been difficult to compile everything into a succinct yet comprehensive message. What follows is my latest best attempt to compile the most crucially important parts of what God told me into a simple form.

The Message of God:

The final battle in a thousands of years old war between good and evil is about to begin. I myself will come down to destroy the evil one, Satan, and all those who serve him. As this happens, the world will experience incredible turmoil and chaos. A number of terrible events will come upon your earth.

First there will be famine throughout the land. People everywhere will suffer for lack of food. People will leave their homes to search for food, but they will not find it. People everywhere will be starving, and many people will begin to turn against each other.

Then there will be war. A great war is going to occur, and the destruction from this war will be unlike anything the earth has ever seen. Many many people will die, and the suffering of mankind will greatly increase. People will wander the earth in search of shelter as they are driven from their homes by the destruction of war.

Third to come is tyranny. Rising out of this chaos which has gripped the earth, a great evil will establish itself as a new authority over the earth. This authority will rule over mankind with an iron fist, seeking to make all men subservient to it. It will be inescapable to all except a few. Many people will be forced into labor camps, others will be imprisoned, others will be killed.

However, as all this begins to happen, I will also begin to gather my people together, separating them out from the rest of society. These people, my people, will be a peace loving people. They will be dedicated to each other and selfless. They will love unconditionally, and they will naturally serve one another. They will be a compassionate people, working to serve and care for all those who are suffering during these difficult times.

As the earth is shaken, so these people will be shaken loose from society. Then I will gather them up, I will bring them together, and I will lead them to places of safety which I have already established for them. In these places of refuge, which I have established, I will keep my people safe during the violence and turmoil which is occurring all over the earth.

These people, my people, will be easy to recognize by their dedication to peace and love. This movement of people will be very much like the Hippie movement from the sixties. The Hippies were my people, but the devil came up against them, as he has done to all my people since the very beginning, and he crushed them. This time, however, he will not be able to crush my people. This is the final battle. In this battle my people will overcome.

I have had many people over the years, and I have sent many prophets over the years. The people of Israel were my people, and Moses was my messenger. The followers of Jesus Christ were my people, and Jesus Christ was my messenger. The followers of Muhammad were my people, and Muhammad was my messenger. The hippies were my people, and I sent a number of prophets to them, John Lennon was one of my prophets. You can easily know who my people are by their dedication to peace and love.

This is what will happen to my people: I will gather my people together, and they will be safe for a time, but at a certain point, when the evil authority has been well established on earth, it will then turn it's eye upon my people. At this time it will call up its armies, and it will send its armies out into the wilderness, into the places of refuge where I have hidden my people. These armies will go out into the places in the wilderness where I have established my people, and they will seek to round up my people, to imprison them.

As this happens, when the forces of evil have gathered and are moving against my people, then the final battle will take place. I will then raise up an army of my own, it will seem as if it came out of nowhere, and my army will then stand with my people against the forces of evil. Then my army will defeat the forces of evil. It will destroy them completely, and the forces of evil will be utterly destroyed.

Then, when all these things have happened, and when the forces of evil are finally destroyed, then peace will reign on earth forevermore. At this time you and all my people will begin to rebuild the earth, making it into a peaceful and abundant garden once again, as it was in the very beginning.

At this point I asked God, "But why Lord? Why must there be suffering? Why must we suffer these things? You are obviously all powerful, why can't you just fix everything?"

God answered:

It is not something you can fully understand. There are things that go into creating a world like yours that are beyond your ability to even comprehend. Because of this, I cannot give you a complete answer, but I will give you a partial answer.

First, the devil is real. The devil is a real and very powerful entity. He is much more powerful than any human being. He is powerful, and compared to you, he is essentially immortal. He is able to and he has infected the minds of mankind like a virus. Thus he tricks you and leads your kind to do all kinds of evil things.

It is because of him that there is suffering on your earth. He taught your kind to manipulate and enslave each other. He taught your kind to kill and steal. It is because of him that evil is being done.

Over the millennia the devil has been perfecting his ability to control your race. The devil gathers servants from among you, people who will turn their backs on their own humanity and against mankind in order to do his bidding. Through these servants he has managed to enslave the whole world.

His greatest achievement, his crown jewel, is what he has achieved in the West in general and in the United States in particular. Here he has created a society where everyone believes they are free, but actually everyone is a slave to him. The people in your country work tirelessly, but they are rewarded only modestly. The fruits of their labors go primarily to helping the devil grow his military might which he uses to enslave the rest of the world. He has accomplished all this through manipulation, through his network of servants who actively manipulate the minds of the people. By feeding the people with a never ending stream of lies and distractions, through your media which is utterly corrupted, the people are kept enslaved.

Of course I could destroy the devil by destroying your whole world, but I will not do that. The unfortunate alternative is for people to reject the devil for themselves, and this is part of the reason why there must be suffering. You have to suffer evils in order to know what evil is, then you can reject it. How could you make a choice if you did not understand your options?

This also has to do with free will. I will not make you reject evil, because I have given you free will. I will not take away your free will, I will not make a person do anything. This is why you must do it for yourselves. You must see evil, understand it, and reject it, all for yourselves.

Also note that this issue of free will is a key distinguishing feature between the devil and myself, his servants and my servants. I do not compel behavior. I have given mankind free will, and I do not take it away. I only ask you to do good, but I do not force you to do anything. The devil however does use force. The devil will use force and threats of violence to compel people to do things. You can tell who my servants are and who is serving the devil by this. My servants will not force anyone to do anything, they will only implore others to do good. The devil's servants, on the other hand, will use violence, threats of violence, lies, and manipulation to force people to do their will.

These are some of the most important things God spoke to me. He spoke much more, and over time I hope to communicate these things to people as well.

With these things now said, I would like to address a few groups in particular regarding these things.

My Messages

To all those who believe in The One God, God of Abraham, this is my message to you: All of you have been warned about the final day by your own prophets. Whether you follow Moses, Jesus, or Muhammad, you have been warned about the final day and the final battle, and you have been warned that these times will be very hard times. Now that day is upon us, so prepare yourselves in your hearts and your minds for the difficult times that are ahead.

During this time all people will be tested, including the people of God. God will test the hearts of his people, and he will purify his people. Only those whose hearts have been made pure can enter into the kingdom of God. Only those who are dedicated servants of God and his creation, which includes the earth and all of mankind, will enter into the kingdom of God.

In order to survive these times, the people of God will have to come together in a way that has not happened before. Every one of us will need to be totally dedicated to God and our fellow man. There will be many who are hungry, we will need to feed them. There will be many who are homeless, we will need to give them shelter. There will be many who need help, we must be their help.

The people of God will need to come together as a family. Realize that, although we might have come to know God by different prophets, we are all servants of the same God. We are all brothers and sisters in the family of God. If God had wanted to, he could have made us into a single nation of believers, but instead he chose to make us many nations. Thus, during these final times, the family of God must come together to include all the followers of God. We can know who is a servant of God by their love for each other, their dedication to serving God, and their dedication to serving others.

Do not be swayed by those who seek to divide you. There are many who preach divisive doctrines, these are servants of Satan, they will never enter the kingdom of God. The people of God will be clearly identified by and united in their love for God and each other.

To The Skeptics
Many of you are skeptical when you hear about God. That's okay. I respect your opinion and your right to skepticism. I only hope that you will respect my right to believe according to my own experiences, and I also hope you would engage me in debate, rather than rejecting me without further consideration.

I also want to suggest that, for many of us anyway, we have a great deal in common. We have a common set of priorities and a common enemy.

You say, for example, that there are a handful of psychopathic capitalist oligarchs who have managed to take control of society, and that these people are enslaving many people around the world, killing many others in unjust wars, and doing lasting potentially irreparable damage to the environment of our planet. I say there are are a handful of psychopathic capitalist servants of Satan who have taken control of society, and that these people are enslaving many around the world, killing many others in unjust wars, and doing lasting potentially irreparable damage to the environment of the planet. In other words, we have a common enemy.

You say, for example, that we should have a system that prioritizes taking care of the people and the planet first, before making profits and getting rich. I say that our duty is to serve God, and that we do this by serving his creation, by serving the people and the planet. I say that we are meant to take care of everyone, because everyone is created by and is important to God. I say that we are meant to take care of the planet, because the planet is also part of God's creation, and as God told me, the planet was meant to be and absolutely can be a bountiful Garden, producing more than enough for everyone on it. All we need to do, as I was told, is work together to take care of the earth and to cultivate it into such a bountiful garden.

I could go on, but my point is, dear skeptical reader, that although we may disagree about this question of how we got here, we agree about so much else, that on this first point, we should just agree to disagree. We have bigger fish to fry. We both see that humanity is facing some very major problems right now. This is true whether we believe in God or not. In light of these major problems we are facing, I suggest we set aside our differences and work together to make the changes the world so desperately needs.

So there you have it. I have nothing else to add, except to point out once again that the timing is impeccable.

Cover photo by Diana Parkhouse on Unsplash.