To Maxwell Igan: Something Big Coming

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To Maxwell Igan: Something Big Coming

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Dear Maxwell,
My name is Chris Carlson, (though I usually write under my pen name Eddison Flame). I have been listening to your radio show for a while now, and I am very glad to have come across it. I feel like, in you, I have found a brother in arms. A brother because you are undoubtedly and unequivocally fighting the good fight, and in arms, because this fight we are engaged in is an information war, which is a war. In this information war, you are fighting valiantly, (and there are of course many others fighting alongside us in this).

I am reaching out to you to, hopefully, discuss an issue that you bring up quite often, that 'something big is coming'. You have been mentioning this fairly regularly ever since I started listening to you, and I believe you are absolutely correct to do so. It is this issue, this something big, that I want to discuss with you.

I do want to preface this discussion with a few preparatory remarks. What I'm about to say will almost certainly strike you as, at the very least, surprising or even hard to believe. In the worst case you might even be tempted to call me crazy. Of course there is nothing I can do to change your reaction, I just hope you would do me the favor of reading what I have to say entirely before dismissing it.

I also want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and for all you do in this fight which we are currently engaged. Whatever your response may be, I consider you a great ally to and servant of mankind, and I very much appreciate your efforts in bringing the truth to us on so many important matters.

Finally, before I proceed, I want to mention my decision to make this an open letter rather than a private one. I hope you do not take offence at this. After all, I only have good things to say about you. I believe that what I have to say to you about this actually applies to many other people like you, and I believe that others might also benefit by being included in any discussions we might have on this topic.

Okay, here it is. In May of 2017 I had a personal experience that changed my life. One evening the sky opened up above me. There was a light, like a beautiful star and as bright as the sun, shining down on me. I fell on my face on the ground before it as, in my heart at that moment I knew, this is what they call God.

God spoke to me and gave me a message to deliver to all of mankind. This message begins like this:

"The final battle in a thousands of years old war between good and evil is about to begin. I myself will come down to destroy the evil one, Satan, and all those who serve him. As this happens, the world will experience incredible turmoil and chaos. A number of terrible events will come upon your earth."

God went on to say a great deal more. You can read more at this link later if you're interested, but for now, I want to point out, that this is what you have been sensing. Your intuition that something big is about to happen in the world is absolutely correct. You have been sensing the end times, which are about to come upon the earth.

In your most recent episode you told a story of when you were four years old, about the time when you began to realize what this world was actually like. You said that you told your teddy bear, "Please tell God that He put me onto the wrong world, and could He please take me off of this world and put me back onto the world I was supposed to be on."

Well Max, I'm here to tell you that you weren't put onto the wrong world. You were put exactly where you were meant to be, because you were meant to be a shepherd of God. You actually already are a shepherd of God, just, maybe, you didn't yet know it.

You are a natural born shepherd of God. You understand the meaning of life and true religion better than most people alive. You live a life of service to mankind. You are already living as a literal shepherd to mankind, as many people look to you for guidance and advice, living in these troubled times.

As a shepherd of God it will be your job to help people survive during these difficult times, and there will be many people like you, people who know what is going on and who are natural leaders. These are the people who will be His shepherds. It is you and people like you who will help God's people survive during these times.

Of course, this task will not be easy, this life is not easy. We live in a world that has fallen into the hands of evil. Nonetheless, this is a burden which we all bear, and rest assured, your reward will be great when all your toils on earth are over. Even on earth, when all of this is over, you will be like a prince among men for the role you play in leading mankind through these trying times.

When you say you can feel something coming, and you can tell it's going to be big, you're instincts aren't misleading you. Your instincts are telling the truth. Something really big is coming. I've seen it, and it's going to bigger and much worse than probably even you have imagined. People will be facing lasting famines, violent and destructive wars, and iron fisted tyranny, all coming all in rapid succession.

People will need help surviving and adapting in this environment, and you're going to be helping them. You don't really have a choice. It is in your very nature. Everywhere people will not know what to do, but you will know what to do. So few are aware of the looming disaster, there will be chaos and it will be very difficult for them. No doubt, when this time comes, you will be there to help.

So, when the destruction comes, and as these things occur, the first priority for everyone will be to escape, particularly to get out of the big cities. According to God, the cities are the strongholds of the enemy. The bigger the city, the badder the stronghold. In order to avoid the terrors that will soon be occurring all over the world, people will need to get out of the cities.

Next, practically simultaneously, people will need get into groups. People are sitting ducks alone, but they can find safety in numbers. The bigger the group the better. People will need to find and get to hidden places, out in God's country, in order to be safe. In these places people will have to live a semipermanent camping/travelling lifestyle. These people who escape, these are the lucky ones who God has chosen to protect during these hard times. These are God's chosen people.

Just as there was an exodus of God's people from Egypt, so there will be another exodus that occurs today. Just as the Israelites back then had to learn a new way of life, so it will be again. Modern society and modern culture has been terribly unhealthy for us in many ways, and we will need to learn a new way of life. We will need to learn to live in a much more communal way, and we will need to learn to live in a much more sustainable way. We will be taught how to do this during this period of wandering.

As a brief aside, note that God's people may not be who you expect. Although, God made clear, some of His people can be found among the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims, God said this movement will be more like the Hippy movement. According to God, the Hippies were God's people too. (And this should not be a surprise. God made the point that it is easy to tell who His people are by their dedication to principles of peace and love. It doesn't matter what someone says they believe, or even if they say they believe in God, what really matters is the contents of a person's heart.)

So people will need to escape the cities and get into groups, and they will remain living in these groups for a long period. Until the final battle is over, God's people will be living this semi-nomadic lifestyle. As a shepherd of God, your job will be to help people get to safety, but you will not have to plan this out or anything. Simply be calm and go wherever God leads you. You know the spirit, follow it. God assured me that he has established places of refuge for all his people beforehand, and that He will miraculously guide each of us to these places when the time is right.

There is so much more to say about this stuff, but I've already said a lot, and it's a lot to take in. I'm really sorry to dump all this on you. It can be pretty overwhelming, it was for me anyway. Somehow I think you won't be too surprised to hear it though. You already knew something major was unfolding, now you know what it is.

Please do reach out to me if you have a chance. It would be easier if we could have a conversation, with me responding directly to your questions. I've already written a good deal about my experience and other related things on my Steemit page, please do feel free to explore it too.

I believe that we should all start getting networked in the real world soon, while our freedom is still (mostly) intact. I don't know how long we have before the real trouble starts, but I worry that we don't have long. Once these crises begin, the world is going to fall into chaos, so we really should start preparing for it as soon as possible.

There is no need to panic however. Everything is going to be fine. The good news is that there is a God, and God will protect us. God will guide us through these troubled times, and when we get through to the other side, then peace will reign on earth forever. This is the good news. Peace and justice will soon be established on earth. Soon the world will be exactly as you and I have imagined that it could be, a peaceful garden where everyone takes care of everyone else.

And you were correct, by the way, when you thought that you were meant for another world. You are meant to live on a better world, and one day you will surely enter into that peaceful place. For now, just for a little while longer, as it is for you and me and many others who are suffering in this world, we are here as servants to do a job, to help our fellow man. We are working to usher in a new era of peace on earth, and this will be the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth which was prophesied many years ago. We will see justice established and evil vanquished on this planet before this generation is gone.

You were not born in the wrong place or the wrong time my brother, you were born exactly when and where you were needed. You live in the time of the final battle, and you will soon be leading in it. Prepare for battle my friend.

Peace and Love,
Chris Carlson (Eddison Flame)

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