Remembrance Day in the Netherlands

I got this picture from facebook.

Today is May 4th and then it is Remembrance Day in the Netherlands. We commemorate the victims of the Second World War. But also from every other war. war is terrible. And I realize more and more what freedom means. the world is complicated and complex. And often I only know half the story. But I keep hoping for a world that can live in freedom without war and hunger, that's why I grow for peace

On May 5th we celebrate peace, maybe I'll make a post about that too

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Nice on the grow, Yeah war sucks, seems The USA and Nato along with Russia don't seem to care

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just grow for peace is all we can do

your are killing it this grow! Great job. And about that cat, did it ever occur to the sailors that cat was bad luck? lol

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its a older grow of the pbb
and lol

Awe the PBB. That was a great strain!

the pbb looked nicer than the big mack. But the taste of the mack was so nice it was better than the pbb

So happy to hear!

so is the silver mack It needs to soften a bit but that taste really lingers for a while

Thank you for this post!
I am struggling to understand war 🤢
Sam gives me an intangible hope ☺