Banjo Report for Friday, October 27, 2017

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Banjo Report for 2017-10-27 00:16:28 UTC

These are commands available for @banjo on SteemSpeak presented here in report form.


Quotes from The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick P. Brooks, Jr.

Adjusting to the requirement for perfection is, I think, the most difficult part of learning to program.

$follows banjo

Here's who's following @banjo and their total MVESTS.

banjo's followers: 1,049 (896.305 MVESTS); following: 74 (127.648 MVESTS)


Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Poloniex.

Total Reward Fund: 705,415 STEEM (Worth: $694,129 internally; $687,874 on Bittrex)

$rewardpool golos

Reward pool information including the value as implied by the internal price feed as well as Bittrex.

Total Reward Fund: 81,590 GOLOS (Worth: 198,035 GBG internally; $8,302 on Bittrex)


According to Mongo:

Today: 898 new accounts (71.490 MVESTS delegated); 30725 active accounts; 17857 posts (7962 authors); 51028 comments (2744 authors); 606524 votes (23638 voters)

Yesterday: 1941 new accounts (164.267 MVESTS delegated); 32086 active accounts; 17615 posts (8295 authors); 54007 comments (2891 authors); 590275 votes (23419 voters)

$voting 1440

What is the split between upvotes and downvotes in the last 24 hours?

As of 1 day ago:

601877 upvotes by 23573 voters with 100,140 MVESTS, average weight: 63.950%
2294 downvotes by 277 voters with 9,155 MVESTS, average weight: -50.170%


Current hardfork summary.

Current: 0.19.0; Witness Majority: 0.19.2; Last: 0.19.0 (4 months ago)
Version Votes by Top 100 Witnesses:



1 MV = 1M VESTS = 486.369 STEEM = $478.587 = $474.275 on Bittrex



1 MG = 1M GESTS = 266.927 GOLOS = 647.882 GBG = $26.113


Current supply of STEEM.

Supply: 258,417,143 STEEM (Worth $254,282,468 SBD); $3,304,023 SBD (1.299% of supply); 67,136,292 Liquid STEEM (25.980% of supply)

$supply golos

Current supply of GOLOS.

Supply: 128,510,630 GOLOS (Worth 311,919,005 GBG); 7,548,131 GBG (2.420% of supply); 41,039,570 Liquid GOLOS (31.935% of supply)


Current price of the assets as seen on the exchanges.

Poloniex: USD/STEEM: $0.9771; USD/SBD: $0.9955
Bittrex: USD/STEEM: $0.9751; USD/SBD: $1.0014
Bittrex: USD/GOLOS: $0.1018; USD/GBG: $0.0972

$calcreward ...

Here, we're looking at the top trending post to see the impact it has on the reward pool.

DLive - The First Decentralized Live Streaming Platform on Steem!
About 21 hours old; Net votes: 767; Comments: 245; Views: 2406
Total Pending Payout: $402.522 (0.058% the size of reward pool).


Total posts promoted for today and yesterday, including the total burned. This is presented as a ratio of the daily reward pool for comparison.

153 posts promoted today totalling $772.034 (0.111% the size of reward pool).

166 posts promoted yesterday totalling $323.003 (0.047% the size of reward pool).

This bot is currently being developed by @inertia. It's written in ruby and uses radiator to access the blockchain and steemdata-rb to query report data.



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